Tiverton, ON

The Village of Tiverton existed within the geographical boundary of Bruce Township. Initially, this area was included in “The United Townships of Kincardine and the remaining Townships in the County of Bruce”, which was a union of 11 townships in 1852 and 1853, with the Kincardine Township area known as the “senior township” and the main hub for municipal government. This continued until the other townships were large enough to split off and incorporate as separate municipalities. On January 1, 1856, the Township of Bruce incorporated as an independent municipality.

The Village of Tiverton incorporated in 1879. In 1998, Tiverton unincorporated and became part of the Township of Bruce.
The Township of Bruce, the Township of Kincardine, and the Town of Kincardine amalgamated to form the Township of Kincardine-Bruce-Tiverton on January 1, 1999. After the first election of the new municipal council, the name changed to the Municipality of Kincardine.


Abbs, James Albert
Ahmed, Albert Edward
Barnes, Percy Arthur
Begg, Earl Gilcrest
Brooks, George Albert
Brown, John Duncan
Cameron, Donald William
Campbell, William George
Carleton, Earl Neil
Catto, John Andrew
Catto, Norval
Chapman, Edward
Dobbs, William Joseph
Dobson, William Matthew
Giles, John George "Jack"
Groves, Albert William
Grunder, Neil Arthur
Haug, James Westley (a.k.a. James Wesley)
Haug, William Herbert
Heath, Percival
Inkster, John Herbert
Kean, Clare
Kitchen, John
MacKinnon, John
MacKinnon, Malcolm
MacKinnon, Neil John
MacPherson, George
Matheson, Archibald
McAfee, Edgar Joseph
McClure, Archibald Norman
McClure, Malcolm Hector ("Bert")
McCormack, William
McDermid, Neil
McDougald, Arthur
McDougall, Donald Archibald
McFadyen, Martin Charles
McKeeman, Clyde William
McKenzie, Walter Beaton
McLaren, Walter McNab
McLennan (MacLennan), Torrence
McLeod, Archibald Ross ("Archie")
McNally, Wilbert Angus
McNaughton, Hugh David
McPhail, Frederick
McPhail, Harold
McPhail, Paul Alexander
McPherson, Stuart
Mewhinney, William Arol
Montgomery, Alexander Eugene
Nelson, George
Norman, Angus
Nuttall, Robert Scott
Paterson, William John
Phillips, George
Reid, Samuel Lorne
Robinson, John Alexander ("Sandy")
Robinson, William Thomas
Salmon, Charles Albert
Schmidt, Simon Wesley
Schmidt, William Christian
Schnittker, Frederick Christopher
Sinclair, John
Sproule, Joseph
Stanley, William Benjamin
Stannard, Albert John
Stevens, William
Sturgeon, Frederick
Taylor, Edward Arthur
Taylor, Henry Booth
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thomson, James
Tooke, Frederick Walter Burton
Walker, Gordon Clare

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