Tara, ON

Within the geographical area of Arran Township, a community on the Sauble River began to develop, first with mills and gradually with other industries. In 1862, a post office opened under the name of “Eblana.” This later changed to Tara, and the community was incorporated as a Village effective January 1, 1881.

In January 1999, Tara, Arran Township, Paisley, Chesley, and Elderslie Township amalgamated to form the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie in January 1999.


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Aiken, Harvey Hilliard
Aiken, John Ephrim
Allen, Frederick Thomas
Ash, James George
Ball, Frank
Ball, Louis Stevens
Battle, George Thomas
Beatty, Russel Glenn
Brinkman, Charles John
Brown, Matthew
Bruce, Moses
Brunton, Linton Leonard
Brunton, Maurice Vivian
Byers, Matthew Albert
Byers, William Fred
Callahan, John Edgar
Callahan, Samuel
Cann, William George
Carson, John Edward
Coffey, Edward Isaac
Coffey, Frederick Samuel
Collard, Reuben L.
Couper, John
Crosswell, Charles Henry
Crowe, John Alexander
Davis, Melville Allen Duff
Dickinson, Charles George Gordon
Eby, David Bechtel
Fenton, Clarence
Fenton, William Henry
Fenton, William Henry
Ferrell, Thomas Leslie
Galbraith, William Frederick
George, James Frederick
Gerald Allan, Morran
Gibbons, Leonard Garfield
Hall, James Cameron
Henderson, David Gordon
Hills, Keith Alexander
Hyndman, Matthew William
Hyndman, Thomas Rupert
Jacques, William Henry
Kearns, Russell George
Koehler, Allan D.
Koehler, Harold
Legge, Joseph Howard
Legge, Robert Reginald
Marshall, Keith Douglas
Martin, Edward Wilson
Matheson, Angus Donald
McArthur, Angus Fletcher
McCulloch, Andrew Earl
McDougald, Duncan I.
McDougald, Ernest Neil
McMinn, Robert
McMullen, Stanley Edward
McNeill, Donald
McRae, James Alexander
McRae, William Hugh Roy
Merriam, Harold Henry
Mitchell, William John
Monkman, Albert
Monkman, Thomas Norman
Moore, William George
Nelson, Erwin
Park, Melville
Plante, Charles Earl
Plante, John James
Poole, Neil Johnston
Porter, Clarence Russell
Potts, George Albert
Proud, Melville Douglas
Proud, Robert Harvey
Proud, Russell Fawcett
Reddon, Garfield
Roberts, Joseph Henry
Robinson, William John
Ruff, John P.
Smith, Thomas James
Smith, Walter Roy
Stevenson, Clarence Drew
Temple, Joseph Hugh
Thomas, Wallace H.
Thompson, Albert Ellis
Thompson, Arthur Frederick
Trowbridge, Albert George
Tucker, Albert Edward
Tucker, Harry Vincent
Underwood, Charles Maurice
Vary, Ira Irvine
Virtue, Charles Wesley
Wagner, Russel Melville
Walker, Edward Emmerson
Walker, John Bruce
Waltenburg, Albert George
Wark, Elmer Elliott
Wark, Garnet

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