Paisley, ON

The first Elderslie Township settlers settled in the vicinity of Paisley after travelling down the Saugeen River in 1851. The town plot was surveyed in 1856 and the name Paisley was given to the village when the post office opened on February 1, 1856.

The Village of Paisley was incorporated by County Council by-law dated June 7, 1873, with its first municipal election held January 5, 1874.

In January 1999, Paisley, Chesley, Elderslie Township, Arran Township, and Tara amalgamated to form the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie in January 1999.

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Acret, Wilfred Maitland
Ahkewenzie, Leslie
Ahkiwenzie, Leslie
Anstead, William Austin
Atkinson, Roy Campbell
Babcock, Samuel Amos
Bain, Andrew Sutherland
Bain, Donald James
Ballantyne, Albert Montrose
Beaton, John
Bell, William John
Blackburn, John Robert
Blue, Alexander
Boettger, Clarence Grogan
Boyle, Frank Stewart
Brown, Bernard
Bryce, Wilfred Austin
Buckingham, Clifford
Campbell, Edgar Allan
Campbell, Malcolm Hugh
Cartwright, Joseph
Collins, Harold Francis
Courtnell, Frederick
Craig, McLeod "Mac" A.
Cunningham, William
Currie, William
Darlington, Thomas William
Devine, William John
Dobson, Edmund
Dobson, Frank
Dobson, John
Dobson, Robert William
Dudgeon, William Lloyd
Evers, Albert Henry
Fair, John Herbert
Falla, Albert Edward
Fear, Thornton Douglas
Ferguson, Percy Douglas Robert
Forrester, James Caulder
Garland, Elmer Anson
Gowanlock, Robert George
Grainger, Walter Alonzo
Grainger, William
Gransden , Austin Douglas
Gransden, Howard M.
Gregg, Albert Thomas
Haas, Gabriel
Hamilton, John L.
Henry, Daniel
Heppenstall, Roy Everal
Hughes, Walter McLellan
Iles, Harold Edward
Jack, Henry ("Harry")
Jack, William
John, Valentine
Johnston, William James
Kelly, Patrick Thomas
Kyle, Norval Webster
Last, Lloyd
Liddle, Rees Thomas
MacGregor, Howard Gladstone
MacNeill, John
Maloney, Christopher
Marshall, Harold Edwin
Marshall, John
Mawhinney, Robert
McAfee, John
McArthur, Harvey Jacob
McCaw, William Stewart
McCulloch, Wallace
McGillivary, James
McGillivray, Alexander C.
McGillivray, James
McIntyre, Donald (Dan)
McKerracher, Duncan George
McLaren, Stewart Alexander
McLennan, Allan Christopher
McLennan, John Ross
McLennan, Roderick
McLeod, Norman
McLeod / MacLeod, John Archibald ("Jack")
McNeill, Archibald
Megraw, Hugh
Miller, James
Mills, Richard Hugh
Mitchell, James
Overton, William George
Parker, Christopher
Pearce, Emerson Albert
Purdy, George Smith
Purdy, Guy Clarke
Putnam, Lawrence Rowe
Rae, William Thomas
Reichenbach, Ethelred "Effie"
Rolston, John
Roppel, Daniel
Ruff, Percy Herbert
Russell , Wendell Ramsay
Scott, Laughlin Bell
Scott, William
Sheppard, Helen
Sparrow, Wilmer John (Jack)
Stafford, William Earl
Stark, James Neilson
Steven, Melvin
Stewart, George Sawyer
Summers, Forest Oron
Symon, James Sherman
Tooke, Earl (Erle) Whitfield
Tooke, Frederick Walter Burton
Wahbagana, Elijah
Watson, Frank
Wells, Francis Edward
White, Robert Milton
White, William James
Whitmann, Herbert
Whittmann, Herbert
Wilson, Hugh Harold St. Clair
Wilson, Wellington
Woodcock, William Stephen
Woolmer, George William
Young, William Howard

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