Lion’s Head, ON

LIONS HEAD is a post village on Isthmus Bay [in Eastnor Township], 21 miles north of Wiarton. It is growing steadily, having the advantage of a very good harbour and being surrounded by the best farming lands on the Peninsula, which are being rapidly settled. Steamers ply regularly between this point and Wiarton and Owen Sound, and weekly mails are received. In 1876 the place consisted of a store and post office. During our visit the present autumn (1879), there were in course of erection a number of dwelling houses, two hotels, a store, a grist mill for three runs of stones, a shingle, lath and planing mill, and a sash, door and blind factory. There were already in operation a saw mill, two stores, a blacksmith shop and a pump factory. The population was about 100. First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans.

Cenotaphs & Cemeteries


Bain, Scott Garfield
Bainbridge, Allen Randolph
Bartley, Charles Henry
Bartman, Josias ("Joseph")
Belrose, K.C
Blackwood, John Thomas
Blackwood, Samuel David
Blake, James Herbert
Boyle, Howard
Boyle, William Henry "Harry"
Brady, Clayton
Brady, Herbert David
Brady, Thomas Webster
Brain, George
Bray, John Wesley
Bridge, Herbert
Bridge, Wesley Allan
Brough, James Edwin
Burley, Hugh Russell
Butchart, Ivan
Butchart, Lorne William
Cameron, John Alexander "Alex"
Cameron, Ronald Earl "Rae/Ray"
Campbell, Colan Alexander
Campbell, Duncan Earl
Campbell, John Ritchie
Colquhoun, Ray Ormond
Cook, Robert Francis
Currie, John David
Currie, Willard James
Davis, James
Duke, Thomas Valentine
Ferguson, John Alexander
Finch, James Joseph
Flood, Donald George
Forbes, Selby
Freeborn, Switzer Gardner
Fries, Edgar
Germon, John George
Graham, Christopher James
Graham, Daniel
Graham, Donald
Graham, Roderick
Greig, Byron
Greig, Donald Duane
Greig, Morgan Raymond
Grist, Kilburn H.
Hanna, Robert Nelson
Haskins, Allan Graham
Hatt, Albert R.R.
Hatt, John David "J.D."
Hatt, John Malcolm "Mac"
Hatt, Wilfred "Bill"
Hayward, Gordon Elgin
Heath, Ernest Albert
Hewton, Herbert John
Hilditch, John George "Jack"
Hilditch, William Robert
Knight, Walter Roy
Laidlaw, William John Scott
Lemcke, Robert Albert
Lemcke, William Henry Elgin
Livingston, George Taylor
MacArtney, Leonard Lorne
Malcolm, James Wellington
McArthur, Angus Archie
McArthur, Charles Henry
McArthur, Christle
McArthur, Daniel
McArthur, Hugh Stanley
McCallum, John Archibald
McDonald, John
McLay, Angus
McLay, John
McLay, John Allan
McLay, Murdock
McLay, Murdock
Morrison, Wesley
Myles, Samuel Robert
Neath, John Frederick Earl
Northcott, John Henry "Jack"
Oswell, Henry Arthur
Patton, James Daniel Leslie
Pettigrew, Ernest
Poore, Earnest Edward
Pyke, Bertram Isaac (BJ)
Ribbel, Sheldon Edwin
Richardson, Herbert
Rouse, Archibald Ferguson
Rouse, Daniel
Saunders, Gordon Lewis
Scott, David Emerson
Scott, Gordon Cleave
Sensabaugh, Thomas Henry
Shaw, James Wesley
Skinner, Frederick Harvey
Slocum, Herman Clifford
Slocum, William Charles
Smith, Murdock M. M.
Speirs, James W.
Stephens, William
Tyndall, Charles Wilbert
Vickers, James
Ward, George Samuel
Ward, William James
Wardrop, Norman
Warren, George Samuel
Waugh, Adrian/Adron
Waugh, Deurward
Waugh, Wilbert
Weatherhead, George Percival
Weatherhead, Lloyd Eugene
Weaver, Earl Edward
West, Edward Earnest
Williams, Charles Edgar
Wilson, Hugh
Wilson, Robert Henry
Winch, Henry Oscar