Kincardine Township, ON

The Lake Range lots of both Kincardine Township and Bruce Township were surveyed in the fall of 1847. In the fall of 1848 and winter of 1849, Kincardine Township’s three concessions north and south of the Durham Road were surveyed as free grants. The town plot for the unincorporated village of Penetangore was also laid out in 1849 (later becoming part of the Village of Kincardine in 1858.) The remainder of Kincardine Township was surveyed in 1850.

Initially, this area was included in “The United Townships of Kincardine and the remaining Townships in the County of Bruce”, which was a union of 11 townships in 1852 and 1853, with the Kincardine Township area known as the “senior township” and the main hub for municipal government. This continued until the other townships were large enough to split off and incorporate as separate municipalities. In 1854, only Bruce and Kinloss Townships remained united with Kincardine Township. Kinloss Township left the union in 1855. On January 1, 1856, the Township of Bruce incorporated, leaving Kincardine Township as a separate municipality.

From within Kincardine Township’s geographical area, the Village of Kincardine incorporated in 1858.

The Township of Kincardine, the Town of Kincardine, and the Township of Bruce amalgamated to form the Township of Kincardine-Bruce-Tiverton on January 1, 1999.  After the first election of the new municipal council, the name changed to the Municipality of Kincardine.

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