Amabel Township, ON

Amabel Township was located at the base of the Bruce Peninsula, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. The township was surveyed in 1855, with lands offered for sale at auction in Owen Sound, ON in September 1856. Conditions of settlement were not attached to these lots resulting in a large number of lots initially being purchased by speculators instead of settlers. The land sale, and subsequent administration of the area was conducted by the Department of Indian Affairs.

For municipal purposes, Amabel Township was united with Arran Township to the south in December 1856. Albemarle Township also joined the union in 1858. The three townships remained united, with Arran Township as the senior township, until January 1, 1861 when Arran Township separated and the United Townships of Amabel and Albemarle formed as a separate municipal corporation pursuant to Bruce County by-law dated September 26, 1860. That union was dissolved in 1870 and Amabel Township became a separate municipal entity.

Within the geographical boundaries of Amabel Township, two communities reached the status of village, with one incorporating as a town. Wiarton was incorporated as a village by special Act of Parliament on March 5, 1880. Wiarton became a town on January 1, 1894. Hepworth was established as a police village pursuant to Bruce County and Grey County by-laws passed in December 1899 and January 1890. In 1907 Hepworth was incorporated as a village thereafter electing its own village council and reeve.

On January 1, 1999, the Town of South Bruce Peninsula formed through an amalgamation of Amabel Township, Albemarle Township, the Village of Hepworth, and the Town of Wiarton.

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Cenotaphs & Cemeteries


Aiken, Harvey Hilliard
Aiken, John Ephrim
Aiken, Milton John
Allan, Chester Weatherhead
Ard, William Craige
Ball, Louis Stevens
Beatty, Russel Glenn
Becker, H.
Bennett, William
Benson, William Robert
Berry, C.
Bevis, Roy
Bolton, Lambert Ernest Stanley
Buckton, Garfield
Caldwell, James Emery
Caldwell, William Henry
Carson, John Edward
Carson, William James
Cleave, James Garfield
Clifford, Joseph
Clifford, Samuel Weston
Crandon, Harvey
Crawford, James Tyson
Daws, Francis Edward
Day, Aca
Dennet, Thomas James
Dinniwell, Oliver Clarence
Dobson, William Ambrose
Fenton, Clarence
Fenton, William Henry
Ferguson, A.
Ferguson, John Alexander
Ferrell, James Alfred
Gates, William George
George, James Frederick
Gibson, Sinclair
Glover, Lloyd Irving
Hahn, Anthony (Toni) Wellington
Harris, John Earl
Hawke, Stuart
Hunt, Alfred Longley
Hunt, William George
Jackson, Edward Ray
Jackson, Lloyd William
Jermyn, Garnet Wallace
Johnston, Charles Albert
Kearns, Russell George
Knox, Orvell
Livingston, George Taylor
Loucks, Alexander
MacArtney, Leonard Lorne
Matheson, David Clark
McDonald, Robert Edward
McDonald, William Simon
McDougald, Ernest Neil
McFarlane, Joseph Eber
McGregor, Donald
McIntosh, Angus
McRae, James Alexander
McRae, William Hugh Roy
Millar, Charles Bryce
Mitchell, Clarence Oliver
Moore, Thomas Wesley
Moore, William George
Moyer, George
Plante, John James
Pope, Earnscliffe Errol
Pridmore, John
Primmer, Charles Halcome
Reid, Ernest John
Rourke, Clayton Lawson
Ruhl, William Alfred
Rushton, James Edgar
Schnurr, Andrew Joseph
Shannon, Philip Rodney
Shannon, Thomas Frederick
Sinclair, Angus Alexander
Smith, Percy John
Summers, Forest Oron
Temple, Joseph Hugh
Vary, Ira Irvine
Walker, John Bruce
Warren, George Samuel
Wood, G.
Wright, Clark
Wright, William Jacob