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The Second World War had a profound effect on Canada. From every corner of the nation, men and women performed full-time duty in military service. During the war, 1,086,343 Canadians enlisted. The death toll by war’s end reached 42,042. In Bruce County, recruitment for service differed from that of the First World War. Since the 160th Bruce Battalion had been disbanded in 1936 and reorganized as artillery, Bruce County men and women had the choice of joining one of four Bruce Field Batteries. Substantial numbers of Bruce County residents took the opportunity to enlist outside the County in the Army, Navy or Air Force, many joining area regiments such as the Perth Regiment and the Elgin Regiment.


Abell, James
Abram, John
Ackerman, Glen J.
Acton, Bruce
Adair, Leslie
Adams, A.R
Adams, Alfus King
Adams, Carleton Edward
Adams, Charlie
Adams, Edna Diane
Adams, Ernest Hazen
Adams, George
Adams, Glen
Adams, J.J
Adams, James Harold S.
Adams, John Thomas
Adams, Rex Edwin (Bud)
Adams, Robert E.
Adams, Robert J.
Adams, Tom
Adams, William Phillip
Addison, Herbert G.
Adel, Fred F.
Adolph, Russel C.
Agnew, Charles Corbett "Tac"
Agnew, Oscar
Aguirre, Kevin
Ahayaba, Artivan
Aherns, Frederick C.
Aiken, Clark
Aiken, Gordon Harvey
Aiken, Hollis
Aiken, J.H
Aiken, Lloyd
Aiken, Ross W.
Aitchison, A. G.
Aitchison, W. D.
Aitken, Clark
Aitken, Jack
Akiwenzie, Andrew
Akiwenzie, Charles
Akiwenzie, Dennis
Akiwenzie, Edward
Akiwenzie, Edwin (Bun)
Akiwenzie, Ernest
Akiwenzie, John
Akiwenzie, Norval
Akiwenzie, Olive
Akiwenzie, Onezeme
Akiwenzie, Peter
Akiwenzie, Reseme
Akiwenzie, Sylvester
Akiwenzie, William
Alexander, E.F.
Alexander, Harold
Alexander, John Malcolm
Alexander, Wilbert
Alexander, Wilmer
Allan, David Arnott
Allan, William Arthur
Allen, Leslie M.
Allen, Reginald D.
Allenson, Aaron William
Allenson, Alvin August
Allenson, Willard
Almont, Keith
Alpaugh, Beatrice
Alpaugh, William Gordon Eric
Alton, Thomas H.
Alton, Thomas H.
Ames, Pete
Amy, Bruce R.
Anderson, Calvert J.
Anderson, Charles Malcom
Anderson, Clifford H
Anderson, George McCrimmon
Anderson, James W.
Andrew, R.W.
Andrews, Chas.
Ankenman, Alfred
Ankenman, Bill
Ankenman, Gerald
Ankenmann, Richard Douglas (Bob)
Anness, Norville G.
Anstett, Francis
Anstett, Joseph
Appell, Robert "Bob"
Archer, Leonard
Archibald, Gordon Douglas
Archibald, Mabel Kathleen
Ard, William Earl
Arkell, Herbert
Arkell, Robert
Arkell, W.P
Armstrong, Audrey
Armstrong, Bev
Armstrong, Currie
Armstrong, Currie O.
Armstrong, Duncan J.
Armstrong, George K.
Armstrong, Jack
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, James Goodfellow
Armstrong, Kerwood Neville
Arnett, Herb
Arnold, Harold
Arnold, Lawrence
Arnott, Genevieve Alexandria
Arnott, Lou
Arscott, Clarence
Arscott, Walter
Ash, Ray
Ashcroft, Dona Isobel
Ashcroft, Douglas
Ashcroft, Kenneth E.
Ashkewe, Benjamin Roy
Ashkewe, Ephriam
Ashkewe, Harry
Ashkewe, Ingersoll
Ashkewe, Milton George (Milt)
Ashkewe, Nelson
Ashley, Edwin "ED" H.
Ashley, Weston (James)
Atkinson, Burton
Atkinson, Burton
Atkinson, Elwood
Atkinson, Elwood
Atkinson, George
Atkinson, Robert
Atkinson, Robert John "Bob"
Atkinson, William
Atkinson, William
Atwood, John Wesley
Audrus, Mrs.Winogene
Austin, Daniel Clifford
Austin, David Franklin
Austin, George T.
Austin, John
Austin, Merle
Avis, Rodney
Avis, Spenser Jack
Baetz, Reuben
Baetz, Wilson Norman Delford
Bailey, James M.
Bailey, Lloyd Franklin
Bain, Murray G.
Bain, Scott Garfield
Baird, David Harold
Baird, Thomas McHenry
Baird, Walter Manley
Baker, Albert Ernest
Baker, Arthur John
Baker, Gordon L.
Baker, Howard
Baker, John Jack Clarence
Baker, Wesley
Baker, William
Balderson, Edward Asthorpe
Balderson, Jack Percival
Baldry, Doris
Ball, Albert William Edward
Ball, Frank
Ballie, William Tremble
Bannerman, Harold
Bannerman, Leonard
Bannerman, Mary Sophia
Barber, Gordon
Barber, Ivan Harron
Barber, Jack J.P
Barber, John
Barclay, John "Jack" P.
Barclay, Orval Roy
Barclay, William Alexander
Bard, Donald A.
Barfoot, Reg
Barfoot, Stewart L.
Barker, Harold
Barnard, Arch
Barnard, David Russel
Barnard, Norman
Barnes, Thomas
Barnett, George "Scotty" Morrison
Barratt, Leonard
Barrett, George
Barrett, Mrs. Jack
Bartley, B
Bartley, Charles Henry
Bartley, Melbourne
Bartley, Robert "Bob" Charles
Bartman, Gordon Edward "Blondie"
Bartman, Melvin J.
Baskerville (Perry), Isavela J. "Vee"
Bass, Henry A. "Harry"
Bates, Bill
Bates, Jessie Helen
Bauer, A.J.
Bauman, Elwood Henry
Baux, Earl
Baxter, Frederick R.
Baynton, Edgar T.
Beacock, Frank
Beacock, Winston Carl
Bean, Bill
Beattie, John Bell
Beatty, Clarence
Beatty, Jim
Beavan, Mabel Eveline
Bechthold, Ivan Frank
Beck, Arthur Joseph
Beck, Hartford
Becker, Gordon
Becker, Hilbert
Becker, Meryle
Beckley, Donald James
Beenen, Jan
Begg, Eva Ann
Begg, George W.
Begg, John Arthur (Jack)
Begin, Douglas
Beilstein, Robert C.
Beingeessner, Harry F.
Beingessner, H.F.V
Beingessner, Jerome L. Smn
Beingessner, Norman E.
Beirnes, John
Belanger, June Graham
Bell, Berwick Ivan
Bell, Bob
Bell, Charles Garland
Bell, Dorothy
Bell, Earl
Bell, Elmer
Bell, H.S.
Bell, Harvey S.
Bell, James Harold
Bell, Joe Jr.
Bell, John
Bell, John Stewart MacKenzie
Bell, John W.
Bell, Joseph Wellington
Bell, McLean
Bell, Ruth
Bell, Sidney
Bell, W.J
Bell, Walter
Bell, William John "Dub"
Bellamy, Gibson
Belleau, Gerald Thomas
Belrose, B
Belrose, Gerald Ronald
Belrose , Gordon Elroy
Belrose, Herbert Evans
Belrose, K.C
Belrose, Thomas R.
Belrose, W.A
Beninger, Clem A.M
Bennett, C.J.
Bennett, John "Jack" Edward
Benninger, Arthur
Benninger, Clarence
Benninger, Eugene
Benninger, Frances
Benninger, Francis George
Benninger, George
Benninger, George A.
Benninger, Gerald J.
Benninger, Joseph G.
Benninger, Lawrence
Benninger, Marie B
Benninger, Melvin L.
Benninger, Victor
Benninger (Nee Fischer), Kathleen
Bentall, Michael
Berberich, Cletus A.
Beresford, Laird Redford
Berndt, Stuart
Best, Fredrick Charles
Best, Harold
Bester, Charles F.
Bester, Daniel
Bester, Edward J.
Bester, Gerald
Bester, Gerald
Bester, Gordon C.
Bester, Jack
Bester, James
Bester, John
Bester, Lawrence
Bettridge, Oliver Agustus
Bettridge, William A.
Betts, James
Biehn, J. Telford
Biehn, Walter
Biggs, Percy
Billingsley, Fletcher
Binns, Cecil
Bishop, William "Billy" Avery
Black, James
Black, Keith
Black, Ralph George
Blackett, John
Blacklock, Elmer
Blacklock, Mel
Blacklock, Norman
Blacklock, Robert J.
Blackman, Bert
Blackwell, Alvin George
Blackwell, Harry
Blahut, Henry
Blake, George
Blake, Graham Scott
Blake, Joan E. (Startin)
Blake, Walter "Wally"
Blohm, H.C.F
Bluhm, Charles
Bluhm, George
Boettger, Albert
Boettger, Alvin
Boettger, Clarence Grogan
Bogdon, Melchior C.
Bohnert, Clements
Bohnert, Herbert Edward
Boisvert, Jean
Boltz, Wilburt George
Borho, A.
Borho, Leonard
Borho, Walter
Borovay, Samuel N.
Bovington, George
Bowern, Harold A.
Bowers, Jack
Bowes, Donald K.
Bowes, Robert "Clifton"
Bowman, Basil
Boyd, Clayton
Boyd, Clifford
Boyes, Robert
Boynton, Clarence James
Bradley, Eldon Hackett
Bradley, Roy
Brady, Clayton
Brand, Carl
Brannick, Lloyd
Brannick, Theodore "Pete"
Brant, John A.
Bravener, V
Bravener, William John
Bray, Earl
Bray, Stanley
Breavener, Vern
Breckles, Walter
Brick, Fred
Brick, Leo Thomas
Brigham, Allen Herbert
Bright, S.G. Albert
Brill, Wes
Brindley, Calvin
Brindley, Everett
Brindley, Gerald
Brinkman, Charles John
Brinkman, Ernest
Brinkman, Lawrence
Bristow, James M.
Broadfoot, Alan
Broadfoot, Allan
Broadfoot, Edna
Broadfoot, Howard
Broadhagen, Emile
Brocklebank, Claire
Brocklebank, Roy
Brocklebank, Scoffield
Brocklebank, Scofield
Brookes, Robert N.
Brooks, Cyril
Brooks, Leslie Alfred
Brooks, Margory
Brooks, Rev. Murray E. (Bud)
Brough, Allan
Brough, Robert
Brown, Arthur L.
Brown, Bert
Brown, Carfrey
Brown, Cecil
Brown, Donald
Brown, Douglas
Brown, Edward Earl "Ted"
Brown, Elmer Stephen
Brown, James
Brown, John
Brown, John Peter
Brown, Marvin Kitchener "Ben"
Brown, Morgan
Brown, Neil S.
Brown, Ray Alexander
Brown, Raymond
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert Watson
Brown, Roy
Brown, Walter Clark
Brown, William "Bill" Forbes
Brubaker, Lloyd D.
Brubaker, Roscoe Donald
Bruce, William (Bill)
Bruder, Llyod
Bruegeman, Cecil Baden Powell
Bruegeman, Raymond Glen
Bruin, C. Leonard
Bruin, George Alfred
Brundritt, Jack D.
Brundritt, Jim
Brush, Harvey
Brusso, Mervyn Gordon
Bryce, Arthur
Bryce, Gordon A.
Buchanan, Douglas James
Buckingham, Clifford F.
Buckingham, Eldon William
Buckland, Lloyd Edward George
Buckley, William H. (Bill)
Buckton, Chester
Buckton, Roy
Buckton, Russel
Buckton, Stanley
Bucton, Chester Edward "Ted"
Bucton, Roy M.
Bucton, Russell
Budd, Del
Budvet, Charles
Budvett, Charles
Budvett, Felix
Budvett, George
Budvett, William
Buhlman, Albert
Bullock, Donald
Bulman, Francis
Burbee, Delbert Gerald
Burbee, Harold
Burbee, Percy W.
Burgess, James Jackson
Burke, Arthur Nathaniel
Burley, Alonzo
Burley, Hugh Russell
Burley, Louis
Burley, McIvor
Burley, Milton Kelly
Burley, Wilbert Kelly
Burley, William "Billy" J.
Burley, William Hector
Burns, J.D.
Burns, Joseph Vivian
Burns, Lloyd
Burns, Myrtle (MacDonald)
Burns, Robert
Burrnet, Jack S.
Burrows, Francis
Burrows, Jack
Burrows, Marme
Burt, Charles E. (Ted)
Burt, Robert
Burt, William Andrew
Busch, Roy
Bushell, Edbert Thompson
Bushell, Lomax
Bushell, Morley
Bushell, Perry
Butchart, Ford
Butchart, George Ernest Rae
Butchart, James
Butchart, John Jack T.
Butchart, Lorne
Butchart, Norval
Butchart, Rae
Butchart, William
Butchart, William "Bill" Ivan
Button, John James
Button, Leonard Alan
Button, Russell Fulton
Byatt, Edna
Bye, Jack "John" Henry
Byers, C. Owen
Byers, Kenneth A.
Byers, Lawrence O.
Byers, Lorne
Byers, Robert J.
Caeser, William "Bill"
Cairns, John Alexander
Cairns, Orville Wesley
Caldwell, William George
Calson, Ronald Lionel
Cameron, Bruce
Cameron, Bruce
Cameron, Donald Ewen
Cameron, Francis Donald
Cameron, George
Cameron, George
Cameron, Kenneth
Cameron, Lorne
Cameron, Mervin
Cameron, Ronald Francis
Cameron, W.S.
Cammidge, Carl
Camp, Geoffery Herbert
Campbell, Alan M.
Campbell, Bruce A. Dr.
Campbell, Clifford
Campbell, Colan Alexander
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, Donald Albert
Campbell, Eugene
Campbell, Gordon
Campbell, Gordon William
Campbell, Grant
Campbell, Helen B.
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, James Ray
Campbell, James Reginald
Campbell, Kathleen
Campbell, Keith
Campbell, Maxwell
Campbell, Raymond
Campbell, Raymond Colin
Campbell, Reginald
Campbell, Thompson
Campbell, Wallace
Cann, Robert
Cann, William
Cannon, Helen M.
Capel, Donald J.
Cardwell, Ralph
Carlson, Ronald Lionel
Carruthers, C.H (Joe)
Carruthers, John C
Carson, Carl
Carson, George
Carson, Harold A.
Carson, Robert "Bert" A.
Carson, William Harry
Carter, G.A.A.
Carter, Herb
Carter, John
Carter, Reg (William Reginald)
Carter, W.T
Carty, Fred
Cary, Carl
Casagrande, Alex
Caskanette, Ed.
Caskanette, Ernest
Caskanette, John A.A.
Caskanette, Wilhelmina
Caslick, Harold
Caslick, Wilford
Cass, Jack
Cassidy, Albert
Cassidy, Clarence
Cassidy, Elmer A.
Cassidy, Frank
Cassidy, Gerald Edmund ("Gerry")
Cassidy, Harvey
Cassidy, Jerome F.
Cassidy, Wilfred
Caswill, Herbert
Catley, Henry
Catto, Jack
Catto, John Andrew
Catto, Norval
Caudle, Arnold
Caudle, Clifford
Caudle, Douglas
Caudle, Edgar
Caudle, Harry William
Caudle, Russell
Cavill, Joe
Ceaser, Eldie
Challenger, Clifford Earl
Chambers, James Morris
Chapman, George Ronald
Chapman, Travis William
Chappell, P.W.
Chappell, Stanley
Chapple, Arthur
Chapple, David
Chapple, Stanley
Chatham, William Davidson
Chegahno, Elias
Chegahno, Howard
Chegahno, Jonah
Chegahno, Levi
Chegahno, Mordick
Chegahno, Peter
Chegahno, Solomon Jackson
Chess, Alex
Childs, William "Bill"
Chin, Harry
Chin, James
Chisholm, Harry
Chisholm, Howard Grant
Chisholm, Jack
Christie, Clarence "Flea"
Christie, John W.
Christie, Orville
Christie, Rena
Christie, Robert Samuel Leslie
Christie, Russell
Christie, Sam
Christman, Mel
Clancey, John Anthony "Jack"
Clancy, John Anthony (Jack)
Clancy, John F.
Clancy, Thomas
Clark, Alexander Tulloch "Alex"
Clark, Clifford
Clark, Donald Frederick
Clark, Edgar
Clark, Jack
Clark, John Harvey
Clark, K.
Clark, Melvin Bertram
Clark, Stanley
Clarke, Fraser S.
Clarke, George W.
Clarke, Jack
Clarke, William Keith
Clazie, J.A
Clifford, Bruce Weston
Clifford, Johnston Samuel
Clifford, Lloyd
Clifford, Robert John
Clifford A., Wetten
Clinker, Marie May
Cobean, Donald
Cobean, Felicia
Cobean, William George
Coburn, Wally
Coffey, Lloyd J.
Coghill, Helen
Cohen, W.A.
Cole, Arthur
Cole, Donald B.
Cole, Douglas
Cole, Harris R.
Cole, T.L (Ted)
Coleman, Bert (Bertram)
Coleman, Donald
Coleman, James Howard
Coleman, John Donald
Colhoun, Whitney
Colling, Clarke
Collins, Denis
Collins, George
Collins, Glen
Collins, Maurice Willis
Collins, Raymond
Collins, Williams
Collison, William
Collyer, S.
Collyer, Ted
Colquhoun, Ray Ormond
Colwell, Albert
Condy, Horace
Connor, Grace
Connor, Ivan
Connor, Ivan Ceaser
Cook, Albert John
Cook, Ernest Henry
Cook, John Jack H.G.
Cook, Orval
Cook, Orville M.
Cooney, George
Cooney, Hugh Alfred
Cooper, D.W.
Cooper, Francis Davidson
Cooper, Gerald
Cooper, James
Cooper, Mathew T.
Cooper, Maxwell Garney "Max"
Cooper, Raymond Edward
Cooper, Wallace
Copp, James "Jim" W.
Corbett, W.G. (Bill)
Cordick, Hilda
Cordick, William
Cornish, Lloyd
Corson, Alfred J.
Cottrill, Gordon "Gord"
Couch, Kenneth Dougald
Coultis, Audrey C.
Coumans, James
Courtney, Bill
Courtney, Donald Reginald
Courtney, Ivan
Courtney, Kenneth
covered in photo, C.A
Cox, Andrew "Danny"
Cracknell, Les
Craddock, Elmore B.
Cragg, Graydon B.
Craig, Arnold
Craig, Ernest (Ernie?)
Craig, Homer
Craig, James
Craig, McLeod "Mac" A.
Craig, Robert Elroy
Craige, James Bertrum
Craigie, J.B
Craigie, Myrtle
Cramm, William C
Crawford, Charles C
Crawford, David Sidman
Crawford, Eldred Ernest
Crawford, Harold Ivan
Crawford, Harvey
Crawford, James
Crawford, John Ivan
Crawford, Maurice
Crawford, Norman Clare
Crawford, Orah W.E
Crawford, Orville Everett
Crawford, Rennie
Crawford, Vernon John
Crawford, Whitfield William
Crawford, William
Crawford, William Kenneth
Crerar, Cameron
Crerar, Robert ("Bob")
Crone, Arthur Stanley
Cronin, Frank
Cronin, John
Cronin, John M.
Cronin, Mike
Cronin, William
Cronkwright, Harry
Cronkwright, Harvey
Cronkwright, Herbert
Cross, James
Crow, J.A
Crowe, Elden Victor
Crowe, Jack
Crowzier, David MacLeod
Crozier, David MacLeod
Cryderman, Allen
Culbert, Lorne Clifford
Culbert, Stan C.
Cullington, Garfield R.
Cuming, H.S.
Cuneo, Anthony C.
Cunningham, Charles
Cunningham, Verna
Cunningham, William
Curran, George
Currie, A
Currie, David Vivian
Currie, Frank
Currie, John
Currie, John James
Currie, Oliver
Currien, J.
Curry, Arthur
Curry, Frank
Curtis, Norman
Cutsforth, Doris
Cutting, Elwood (Bud)
Cutting, Theodore
Cuyler, George
Cyril Edward, Neyvatte
Dahmer, J.H.
Dahmer, Ray E.
Dahms, G.W
Dahms, H.W
Dahms, Kenneth
Dahms, Otto
Dahms, Wellington
Dailey, E.A.
Dales, Harold
Dales, Patrick V.
Dales, Tom
Dalgarno, (Ross) Earl
Daly, Eva Irene
Danard, Asa Saul
Danes, Ernie A.
Daniel, Walter
Darling, Lynn A.
Davey, Arthur W.
Davey, Edgar
Davey, Melville J.
Davey, Ronald
Davey, William Harold
Davidson, Bruce
Davidson, Daniel Robert
Davidson, Glen
Davidson, John
Davidson, Lorne Francis
Davis, Frank
Davis, Gladys Helena
Davis, Henry C.
Davis, Iona
Davis, J
Davis, Jack
Davis, John James
Davis, N.R
Davis, Thomas F.
Davis, W.W
Davis, William "Bill" Weston
Daw, Fred
Dawm, Gordon
Dawm, Jean
Dawm, William J.
Dawson, Walter
Deacan, Jim
Deacon, B. Benjamin
Deacon, Jimmy
Deleary, Oliver
Dennie, George S.
Denny, Clifford L.
Dentinger, Raymond J.
Derbyshire, Donovan Emerson
deRoux (nee Sees), Kathleen Thelma
Desjardine, Alexandra
Desjardine, John R. B.
Desjardine, Joseph Samuel
Detheridge, Audrey Florence (Armstrong)
Dewar, Hamish
Dickerson, Alexander
Dickie, Carl
Dickie, Carl
Dickinson, Albert
Dickinson, Earl
Dickinson, Jim
Dickinson, Tom
Dickison, Albert William
Dickison, Earl
Dickison, Jim
Diebel, Clarence
Diebel, Ken
Dietrich, Elroy F.
Dietrich, Robert J.
Dinniwell, DR. Richard
Dirstein, Gerald H.
Dirstine, George
Ditner, Clarence
Dix, Clarence I.
Dix, Vern
Dixon, Elliott Rupert
Dixon, Norman Everett
Dixon, Percy K.
Dobson, Dave
Dobson, Harold William
Dobson, Leonard "Len" G.
Dobson, Marjorie "Jeanne"
Dodds, Oliver Ward
Doerr, Albert
Doerr, George
Doerr, George
Doerr, Jerome
Doll, Lincoln
Dolson, Morris E.
Donald Ross, Duck
Donaldson , Barbara
Donaldson, James D.
Donaldson, John
Donnelly, Clare
Doran, Morice Seaman
Dornan, Alex
Dornan, C.A
Dosman, Alfred G.
Dosman, Joseph
Dosman, Raymond
Dosman, Raymond
Dotzenroth, George
Dotzenroth, Louis
Dougherty, Carl Frenklin (Frank)
Down, Patrick
Downing, James W.
Downs, Edward Patrick
Downs, John B
Downs, Maurice Eldridge
Doyle, William Andrew
Driffill, Fred
Dryden, Robert Page
Dryden, Wilbert
Dudgeon, William Lloyd
Duff, (Edgar) Laverne
Duggan, Alvin J.
Duggins, Walter Arthur
Duncan, Betty Margaret
Duncan, Ernest
Duncan, Neil
Dungey, Bruce
Dunlop, Cam
Dunlop, Robert David
Dunning, Sid J.
Dunsmoor, Norman
Durie, Allan F.
Durkin, Doug
Durkin, Terence ("Terry")
Durnin, Alan Howard
Durnin, Graham William
Durnin, W.A.
Durrer, Leonard
Durst, F.N.
Durst, Frank
Eagles, Albert Bruce ("Ab")
Eagles, C.E
Eagles, Clarence Gordon
Eastwood, Elizabeth Hacking
Eastwood, Eric
Eastwood, Joseph Patrick
Eaton, David E.
Eaton, George Andrew
Eaton, Glen
Eberth, Jack
Eby, Bertrand Clifford
Eby, Carl
Eby, David Bechtel
Edgar, Ray
Edmonstone, E.W
Edwards, Harold James
Edwards, John "Jack"
Egener, Frederick Tristram
Eidt, Vera
Eldridge, Herbert William
Eliott, Wilford Laurier
Ellig, L.J
Ellig, R.J
Ellington, Frank
Elliot, Frank (F.W.)
Elliot, Harold
Elliot, Harold Richard
Elliot, Mac
Elliott, Abner
Elliott, Abram
Elliott, Angus
Elliott, Bryce
Elliott, Clarence
Elliott, Dan
Elliott, Duncan
Elliott, George
Elliott, George
Elliott, Joseph
Elliott, Joseph Alexander
Elliott, Lloyd
Elliott, Robert James
Elliott, Roger
Elliott, Stanley
Ellis, A.
Ellis, Andrew A.
Ellis, Charles John
Ellis, Edgar M.
Ellis, George I.
Ellis, Howard M.
Ellis, James
Ellis, John Ross
Ellis, Morrison
Ellis, Orville
Ellis, Percy W.
Ellis, Wilfred Nelson
Ellison, James Frederick
Emmerson, Alf
Emmerton, Bernice
Emmerton, Chester Courtney
Emmerton, Harold
Emmerton, Stanley
England, Donald
England, J.P.
England, John Harold (Jack)
Englishman, Phil
Ernest, Edward
Ernest, Mervyn G.
Ernewein, Arthur James
Ernewein, I.A
Ernewein, L.J
Ernst, Andrew J.
Ernst, Llyod Sylvester
Esbaugh, Clement Joseph Guy
Esplen, Gordon
Esplen, John Geddes
Etsell, Olive
Eva, Clarence "Sam"
Evans, Arthur
Evans, Arthur E
Evans, Clyde
Evans, E. Clyde
Evans, Eric
Evans, Harry
Evans, William "Bill"
Evers, Milton Edward
Ewards, Harold J.
Ewing, C.H
Ewing, C.H.
Ewing, Donald
Ewing, Donald
Ewing, Stuart Douglas
Eynon, Bert
Eyre, Llyod George
Fairley, Robert
Falconer, Don Duncan
Falkingham, Gordon
Farrell, Marvin
Farrell, Murray Cecil
Farrow, Elmer
Farrow, Herbert Garfield
Farrow, Kenneth Henry
Farrow, Norman
Fedy, Norval A.
Fennel, Stewart
Fennel, William H.
Fennell, Floyd White
Fennell, Stewart
Fenton, Gilbert John Donald
Fenton, Jack
Fenton, Leith
Fenwick, Helen
Ferguson, John S.
Ferguson, Lester
Ferguson, Lester
Ferguson, Lester
Ferguson, Stanley
Ferris, Gordon
Ferris, Johnston Sherman
Fiddes, Ross Alexander Gordon
Fidler, Herb
Fidler, Ivy
Field, Arthur
Field, K.J
Fields, Prince A.
Filsinger, Andrew
Filsinger, Reuben George Frederick
Filsinger, Wilfred
Filsinger, Wilfred M.
Findlay, Malcolm
Finlay, Douglas
Finlayson, Allan
Finlayson, D.R.
Finlayson, Donald
Finlayson, Roderick Alexander
Finlayson, William
Fischer, Edward
Fischer, Francis
Fisher, C.E. Rev.
Fisher, Charles S.
Fisher, Edward James
Fisher, J.M.
Fisher, Leonard
Fisk, Kenneth Reid
Fisk, Verdun W.
Fitzsimmons, Charles McAfee
Fitzsimmons, Hugh John
Flachs, Leo G.
Flacks, Leo
Fleet, Ronald L.
Fleming, John
Fleming, John Patten "Jock"
Fleming, William D.
Fletcher, Vernon
Flood, Donald George
Fogden, John Henry Wreford
Fogden, Percy
Forbes, Gordon
Forbes, Harry (Ike) G.
Forbes, Melville
Forbes, Selby
Ford, Victor
Fordham, Jim
Forsyth, Rheatha A.
Forsyth, Stewart
Foster, Robert A.
Foster, William
Fotheringham, Charlie
Fowler, Donald
Fox, Wesley
France, James
France, Melvin Graham
Fraser, Clarence Edward
Fraser, Grant
Fraser, John L.
Fraser, Wilford Charles
Freeman, Bert
French, (Earl) Glidden
French, Edna
Fries, Louise Jane
Frocking, Gordon
Froklage, Nicholas
Fry, Carl
Fry, Douglas E.
Fry, Marvin
Fry, Samuel
Fry, Samuel
Fugere, Michael William
Furness, Clarence Edward "Bill"
Galbraith, Kenneth Melville
Gale, David "Hugh"
Gallinger, Cecil
Gallinger, Grenville (Grant) Nelson
Gallinger, Ken
Gallinger, Samuel
Gammie, Gordon
Gardiner, Gray W.
Gardner, A. Lane
Garrett, Frank M.
Garvie, Thomas Alexander
Gateman, Albert
Gateman, Elmer
Gateman, Howard
Gateman, John Howard
Gateman, Mervin
Gateman, Mervin H.
Gateman, Mrs. John Howard
Gaudet, Christopher
Gaunt, Harold
Gauthier, Jean Henry "John"
Geddes, Burton
Geddes, William Ewart
Geis, Carl
George, Harry W.
Gerber, Harley Earl Owen
Getz, Alexander D.
Gfoerer, J.A.
Gfroerer, J.A
Gfroerer, Joseph
Gibbons, Clarence William (Cooey)
Gibbons, Clayton
Gibbons, Dick
Gibbons, Ian William Clark
Gibbons, Murray
Gibbons, Norman James
Gibbons, Orville
Gibbons, Victor
Gibson, Lloyd
Giesler, Earl J.
Giesz, Maurice
Giesz, Wesley
Gilberds, Walter J
Gilberston, George
Gilbert, Clifford Earl
Gilbert, John "Jack"
Gilbert, Raymond Harvey
Gilbertson, George
Gill, Herbert Carmen
Gilles, Donald
Gilles, James
Gilles, John R.
Gillies, Donald MacPherson
Gillies, James
Gillies, John R.
Gingrich, Orville
Girard, J. Edmond
Given, Arthur Horatio
Given, Bruce
Given, Curry
Given, John
Given, Norman E.
Given, Reginald
Given, Stanley
Given, William Robert (Bud)
Glasser, David
Glasser, Lloyd Charles
Glenn, Wilbert Oliver
Glover, Franklin Wesley
Goad, Clarence E.
Gobert, Gordon
Goddard, Frank
Goetz, Alberta
Golden, C.E
Goldsmith, Alwyn Garnet
Gonder, Alexander Cameron
Goodale, Irvan Wellesley
Goodchild, Victor Haig
Gooding, Ross
Goodwin, Frank "Hank"
Gordon, Hedley Goodyear
Gordon, Ross A.
Goring, Sydney
Gorrie, Jack D.
Gossel, Ralph
Gottschalk, Llyod Williams
Gow, Samuel W.
Gowan, W.F
Gowan, W.F
Grabb, John
Grabb, Stanley
Grabill, John David "Fritz"
Gradeen, Nels
Graff, Edward
Graff, John A.
Graff, Lorne Francis
Graff, Raymond
Graff, Raymond
Graham, Clarence H.
Graham, Colin Edward
Graham, Garnet Gary
Graham, Jerome
Graham, Rennie
Grahame, Sydney Alfred
Grahme, Sidney Alfred
Grainger, William Frederick (Bill)
Grant, Donald
Grant, Edna
Grant, James H.
Grant, Ruby
Graper, Pete
Graper, William
Graves, Fenerty Parker
Greason, Robert James
Green, Cameron
Green, Cedric E.
Green, Frank
Green, John
Greer, Clarence
Greer, H.M.
Greig, Donald Duane
Greig, Edgar
Greig, Ernest Winston
Greig, Francis "Frank"
Greig, John Wesley
Greig, Morgan Raymond
Greig, Robert Bruce
Greig, Verdun
Greig, Wallace B.
Greig, Wilfred George
Grieve, Elizabeth Margaret (Lindsay)
Grieve, George Grant
Grieve, John Gordon
Griffin, Lloyd
Griffith, James
Grimoldby, Jean
Grist, Kilburn H.
Gross, Jack W.
Groves, Douglas
Grubb, Alfred L.
Grubb, Carl
Grubb, Gerald
Guenther, Robert
Gurnham, Marjorie
Gutscher, Jerome
Guyer, George
Habkirk, Donald
Haeberle, William
Haggins, Andrew V.H.
Hahn, Henry Joseph
Haines, Reginald
Haldenby, Freddie
Haldenby, James Frederick
Haley, Arthur Frederick
Halk, Francis
Halk, Harvey
Hall, Al
Hall, Frank
Hall, H.F.
Hall, Leonard P.
Hall, Lloyd
Halliday, C.J. "Jack"
Halliday, Hardy
Halliday, Keith
Halliday, Sinclair
Halliday, Stewart
Hallman, Ray
Hamilton, Alvin
Hamilton, Andrew Leonard
Hamilton, Carmen
Hamilton, Edwin T.
Hamilton, Harold
Hamilton, Irwin
Hamilton, Jack (J.C.)
Hamilton, Mervyn (Henry Mervyn)
Hamilton, Stewart
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, Wray
Hammar, Bernie
Hammond, George
Hammond, Helen Mary (Smith)
Hanbidge, Jack
Hanbridge, John
Handley, Frank Lloyd
Handy, James W.
Hanna, Richard James "Jim"
Hansen, Wilfred
Hanson, Wilfred
Hardman, Edson
Hardy, Eldon
Harker, Douglas Arleigh
Harkness, Charles
Harkness, Gordon
Harkness, Robert
Harling, Percy
Harnden, Wilmot "Curly"
Harrington, Reginald
Harrison, Jack
Harrison, Orval
Harron, Alvin Eldon
Harron, G.E.
Hart, Melvin C.
Hartman, A. Frank
Hartney, Lillian Marie
Hartwick, Miller C.
Harvey, Archie
Harvey, Charles
Harvey, George
Harvey, Russel
Harvey, William
Harvie, Archie McDougall
Harvie, Charles
Harvie, George
Harvie, Ray
Harvie, Robert
Harvie, Russel
Haskins, Allan Graham
Hastie, James
Hastings, Bert A.C.
Haswell, Bert A.C
Hatt, Albert R.R.
Hatt, Bruce Wilfred
Hatt, Georgina "Ina"
Hatt, John Malcolm "Mac"
Hatt, Walter E.
Hauch, [C.Y. or Paul?]
Haug, Art
Hauser, Orville
Hauser, Percy
Hauser, Rollin John
Hawes, Arthur
Hawke, Lount
Hawkins, Frederick Clayton
Hawkins, Jeffery M.
Hayes, Cecil
Hayes, Earl
Hayes, Sterling
Hayter, Frank Daniel
Hayward, Gordon Elgin
Hayward, Lloyd George
Hearn, Alvin William
Hearn, Edwin James
Hearn, Lloyd
Hearn, Roy
Heath, Alvin
Heath, Roy Joseph
Hehn, Lawrence
Heighes, Rae
Heinmiller, Henry
Heisz, Paul E.
Heldt, Gus
Helliwell, Maurice Round
Helwig, Ervin
Hemstock, George Malcolm
Henderson, Allen
Henderson, Andrew
Henderson, Bert
Henderson, Charles Ogalvie (Chuck)
Henderson, David
Henderson, Garnet
Henderson, Garnet
Henderson, Hugh
Henderson, Jim
Henderson, Kathleen
Henderson, Lloyd
Henderson, Lorne
Henderson, Peter R.
Henderson, Robert P
Henderson, Ronald
Henderson, Ronald W.
Henderson, William A.
Henry, Douglas Woods
Henry, Ernest Raymond
Henry, Merle V.
Henry, Ralph Ballantyne
Hepburn, Barbara "Edeth"
Hepburn, George
Hepburn, Kenneth
Hepburn, Kenneth
Hepburn, Maurice Elric
Hepburn, Morley
Hepburn, Morley John
Hepburn, Roy
Hepburn, Wallace Lorne "Bing"
Hepburn, Wayne
Heppenstall, Robert Reginald
Herbert, Joseph
Herbert, William
Herd, Donald
Herd, Harold
Herd, Jack
Herron, Norman Gilbert
Hetsler, Nelson
Hetsler, Sandy
Hetsler, Wilkens J.
Hettrick, Norman Gilbert
Hewiston, D
Hewitson, Douglas William
Hewitson, Laverne
Hewitt, Allan Stewart
Hewitt, Arthur Hadlington
Hewitt, Frank Barnett
Hewitt, Frank V.
Hewitt, Wilfrid M.
Hewton, Albert
Hewton, Allan
Hewton, Hector Walter
Hewton, Jack
Hewton, Marshall H.
Hewton, Milton
Hewton, Orville
Hewton, Willis
Hickey, Jack
Hickey, Vos.
Hilditch, John George "Jack"
Hilditch, William Kieth
Hill, Andrew
Hill, Harold Roy
Hill, James
Hill, Marjorie Alice
Hillgartner, Karl J.
Hillmer, Keith A.
Hills, Keith Alexander
Hills, Raymond George
Hoath, Carman
Hoath, Perry
Hodge, Elizabeth
Hodge, Eva
Hodgins, John
Hodgins, John E.
Hodgins, Mrs. Irma
Hodgins, Nelson
Hodgins, Ralph
Hoffman, Alvin
Hoffman, Arnold
Hoffman, Leonard
Hoffstrand, Donald
Hofstrand, Donald
Hofstrand, Howard S.
Hofstrand, Wilbert
Hogg, Allan
Hogg, William (Bud)
Hollands, William
Holmes, Allister C.
Holmes, Thomas William
Hood, Alex
Hood, Findlay
Hood, Jean MacKay
Hook, William
Hope, Leonard
Hopf, William F.
Hopkins, Arthur
Hopkins, Bert
Hopkins, Bertrum Henry Albert
Hopkins, Carl Stacey
Hopkins, Charles
Hopkins, E.A
Hopkins, Ernest Curtis
Hopkins, G.B
Hopkins, Harry Allen
Hopkins, Thomas A.E.
Hopkins, William S.
Horton, Edward F."Ted"
Horton, Robert Philip
Hough, Reta
Houston, Hugh
Houston, Hugh
Houston, John
Howald, Marion
Howald, Robert
Howard, Charles
Howard, Johnston W.
Howard, Ken
Howe, David Stewart
Howe, Dean
Howe, Edward Ivan
Howe, Emerson
Howe, Emmerson
Howe, Garnet
Howe, John Amer
Howe, Nelson Oral
Howe, Stewart
Howie, Joseph Fraser
Howie, Wilbert
Hoy, Clayton
Hoy, Stanley B
Huber, Gene
Huber, John F.
Huck, Bill
Huffman, Elmer
Hughes, Edgar
Hughes, Harry James
Hughes, John
Hughes, Leeming
Hughes, Mildred
Hughes, W.C
Hummel, Ted
Humphrey, Cecil
Hundt, Alexander
Hundt, Lawrence M
Hundt, Lorne
Hungerford, Richard Stuart
Hunstein, Willis J.
Hunt, Lloyd
Hunt, Norbert
Hunt, William
Hunter, Jack
Hunter, James
Hunter, Robert Wright
Huntley, George F.
Hurley, Jack
Hurst, Thomas
Hussey, John J.
Huston, Leonard
Huston, Samuel
Hutton, James Lorne
Hyatt, Dr. Cameron Harding
Hyatt, John Ernest "Jack"
Hyatt, Wilbert A
Hyde, D
Hyndman, Laverne
Hyslop, Donald
Hyslop, Douglas
Hyslop, George James
Hyslop, Irving
Hyslop, Joseph Vimy
Iles, Bill
Iles, Bob H.
Iles, Clff
Iles, H. Bob
Iles, Mannie Ken
Illig, J
Illig, Leonard
Illig, Raymond L.
Inglis, Douglas C
Inglis, William Thomas
Inkster, James Harvey
Inkster, Robert Stratton
Inkster, Yvonne
Irwin, Gordon
Irwin, Kathleen
Irwin, OBE, William Roy "Sambo"
Isbester, Bruce Cameron
Isbester, Jethro "Jeff"
Jack, D
Jacklin, Bruce C.
Jackman, Percy
Jackson, Clifford
Jackson, Donald
Jackson, Earl
Jackson, Irene Cy
Jackson, Lloyd William
Jackson, Melville Louden
Jackson, Ray Donald
Jackson, Robert M.
Jackson, Sydney
Jagelewski, George J.
Jagelewski, Hubert J.
Jagelewski, Joseph M.
Jamieson, Douglas Keith
Janke, Arnold
Jardine, K.
Jeffery, Lorne Hugh
Jeffery, Walter
Jefkins, Frank
Jenkins, John C.
Jenkins, Richard
Jenks, Earl
Jenks, Elgin George
Jennings, Herbert
Jessup, Frank Ronald
Jewitt, Charles Lewis
Jewitt, D.H.
John James, Duck
Johns, E.
Johns, John
Johns, Maurice
Johnson, Alexander Milton
Johnson, Earl St. Claire
Johnson, George
Johnson, John E.
Johnston, Alexander Murray
Johnston, Archie
Johnston, Doreen
Johnston, Dorothy J.
Johnston, Edward
Johnston, Everett
Johnston, George
Johnston, Gordon
Johnston, Harvey
Johnston, Henry
Johnston, Innes J
Johnston, James Ronald
Johnston, John
Johnston, Leonard
Johnston, Lloyd
Johnston, Lloyd
Johnston, M.J.
Johnston, Oliver
Johnston, Orville
Johnston, Peter Lennox
Johnston, R.K.
Johnston, Ronald
Johnston, Ross
Johnston, Rufus F.
Johnston, Victor
Johnston, William N.
Johnstone, Howard
Johnstone, J.C.
Johnstone, J.P. (John Philemon)
Johnstone, Joyce
Johnstone, M.C.
Jones, Alex
Jones, Alex Irvin
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Arthur A.
Jones, Frederick
Jones, Howard
Jones, Howard Arnold
Jones, Howard P.
Jones, Irvan
Jones, Irwin
Jones, James
Jones, James Edward
Jones, John
Jones, Kenneth
Jones, Morris Claud
Jones, Peter
Jones, Russell
Jones, Stanley
Jones, Walter
Joshua, Gilbert
Kahgee, Hector Henry
Kain, Armand E.
Kain, Robert J.
Kapala, William Stven "Bill"
Karn, Gordon Henry
Kaster, Harold
Kaster, Ivan
Kaufman, John Walter
Kaufman, Walter John August
Kearns, William Ferguson
Keating, Francis
Keel, Albert Frederick
Keeling, Howard John
Keeling, Melville Albert
Keeling, Robert G.
Keeshig, Barney R.
Keeshig, George
Keeshig, Gregory P.
Keeshig, John Wesley
Keeshig, Laurence
Keeshig, Randolph
Keeshig, Randolph Peter
Keeshig, Sylvester F.
Keeshig, Willis
Keith, Gordon
Keith, Jack
Kellough, H. Jack
Kellough, Harvey
Kelly, Florence
Kelly, Joseph J
Kelly, Leslie (Les)
Kelly, Myles Michael
Kelly, Norman Peter
Kelly, Ward A.
Kelso, E
Kemp, Chris
Kennedy, Colin
Kennedy, Goldwyn "Goldie" (Golden)
Kennedy, Gordon Earl
Kennedy, Gordon Ernest
Kennedy, John Ballantyne
Kennedy, Stewart
Kennedy, Tex John
Kennedy, William
Kenny, Bruce T.
Kerr, Alvin
Kerr, Gordon Potter
Kerr, John Alvin
Kerr, John R.
Kerr, Stewart
Kiddle, Margret E.
Kieffer, Clarence J.
Kieswetter, George
Kieswetter, Herbert
Kincaid, Samuel
King, Albert
King, Alex
King, Bert
King, Duncan Garnet
King, Evelyn
King, James Murray
King, John
King, Joseph
King, Louise
King, Robert
King, Sylvester
King, Thos.
King, William
Kingston, Alan
Kirby, Lloyd K.
Kirk, Dwayne
Kirk, Forrest Wilfred
Kirk, Harvey Manley
Kirk, Lloyd
Kirk, Manley
Kirk, Raymond Kirk
Kirkland, Francis Hugh
Kirkwood, Allan (Bud)
Kirstine, Bern
Kirstine, Dave
Kirstine, Lloyd
Kirton, David James
Kissach, Cecil
Klein, Isobel Mary
Klein, Wilfred L.
Klemmer, Lloyd
Kloepfer, E.K. (Betty)
Kloepfer, Henry
Kloepfer, Richard Peter
Knapp, Alvin
Knapp, Mervin (Mervyn)
Knight, Bryce
Knight, Howard Leslie
Knight, Thomas
Knoles, Wilfred L.
Knoll, Raymond
Knott, Bernard
Knott, Reginald
Knowles, John M.
Knowles, Orland Edward
Knowles, Wilfred L.
Knox, Thomas
Kocher, Gordon H
Koehler, Allan D.
Koehler, Harold
Koeing, Edwin
Koenig, Laverne Frederick
Koepke, Ivan
Kraemer, Harold A.
Kraemer, John E.
Kramp, Robert
Krampe, Robert John
Krampp, John Robert
Kritz, Edward
Kritz, Walter
Kroetsch, Edward
Krohn, William Louis
Krug, Braun
Krug, Charles A.
Krulicki, Michael
Kuenzig, Bernice
Kuenzig, Leonard
Kuhl, Alvin G.
Kuhl, Earnest J
Kunkel, William L.
Kuntz, Lawrence E
Kuntz, Wilfred L.
Kuppers, Gus
Kutz, Edward Louis
La Pointe, Alfred Joseph
Labonville, Raymond
Lacey, Leo
Lacocque, J.L.
Ladd, Bob
Laidlaw, Elroy
Laidlaw, William Kenneth (Ken)
Laing, John Jeffery
Lambertus, Jerome
Lambertus, Nelson W.
Lamont, Alex
Lamont, Donald
Lamont, Howard
Lamont, Robert McKechnie
Lamont, Ronald D.
Lamont, Stuart A.
Lamont, Victor
Lamorandiere, Ernest
Lamorandiere, Wilfred
Lancaster, John Berkley
Lane, Frank
Lang, Ronald Bell
Lang, W.J.
Lapoint, Alfred Joseph
Lapp, Clarke
Large, Bob
LaRocque, Cecile Rose
Larsen, Donald L.
Larsen, Robert C.
Last, Lloyd
Last, Robert
Latham, A. Stanley
Laur, Wilfred "Wilf"
Laurie, Alex "Sandy"
Lautenslager, Reuben
Lavallee, Walter
Lavalley, Burlyn Eli
Lavalley, Frank
Lavalley, Fred
Lavalley, Mike
Lavalley, Peter J.
Lavalley, Victor
Lavalley, Xavier F.
Lavis, Bert
Law, Allan Edward
Law, Bert
Lawrence, George William
Lawrence, Herbert Murdoch
Lawrence, Norman
Lawrie, Alexander (Sandy)
Lay, H.N.
Lediett, Preston
Lee, Douglas "Tim"
Lee, Edward "Ted"
Lee, Walter
Lees, Glenwood Roy
Lees, Thomas
Leeson, Dr. James Irving
Leeson, Kenneth
Leeson, Roy Cleveland
LeFlar, John Roland
Lefler, James E.
Legg, Oscar
Leggett, Russell
Lehman, Bruce Edward
Lehman, Edgar Clarence
Lehman, Eleanor
Lehman, Elenor Marie
Lehman, Ralph
Lein, Kenneth Douglas
Leitch, J.W.
Leitch, Wallace
Leitch, Walter
Lembke, Carl William
Lembke, Earl William
Lembke, Theador Fredrick "Tater"
Lemcke, Earl William
Lemcke, Ivan
Lemcke, John A.
Lemcke, Robert Albert
Lemcke, Victor
Lement, Victor
Leneghan, C.
Lenehan, Clarence
Lennox, Morton John
Lepard, Charles W.
Leslie, Kelvin Andrew
Leslie, Lloyd
Leslie, Lloyd George
Leslie, Robert M.
Lettau, Edward Lois William
Lewis, H. Bradley
Lewis, Herbert Clarke
Liddle, Donald
Liddle, Robert
Liebeck, Kenneth
Liebeck, Millard
Liesmer, Harvey J.
Liesmer, Llyod G.
Liftin, H.F
Lillie, Jasper
Limbrick, Trevor
Limpert, Len
Lindsay, Harry
Lindsay, Robert
Lindsay, William Harry "Hank"
Lines, Lloyd
Lines, Walter John Edward
Linklater, Harold Fraser
Linklater, Kenneth Harvey
Linton, Marie Anna
Lippert, Alexexander G.
Lippert, John
Lippert, Melvin
Lippert, Patrick
Lippert, Wilfrid
Lipskie, Reginald M.
Litt, Borden
Litt, Borden
Litt, Harold A.
Litt, Harold G.
Litt, Norman
Litt, Norman
Litt, Olive Lillian
Little, Andrew
Little, David
Little, Henry
Little, Peter D.
Little, Walter
Liverence, Harry
Lobban, Robert Russell "Jim"
Lobsinger, Arthur
Lochead, H. Nelson
Locking, James Llewelyn
Lockwood, James W.
Loft, Albert
Logan, Norman Ray
Loney, Clarence Roy
Long, Clarence Roy
Long, Herbert
Long, Joseph G.
Lorentz, Albert
Lorenz, Grant Albert
Lorenz, Ken
Losch, H
Loucks, Armand
Loucks, Charles
Loucks, James Alpheus
Loucks, Wilfred
Lough, Hubert Oberlin
Louks, Graham Albert
Louther, Ivan
Love, Elmer
Loveridge, Denis Llewellyn
Lovoie, William
Low, Francis William James
Low, Frank
Lowery, Joseph
Lowery, Lloyd Leslie
Lowrey, Joe
Luckhart, Rex
Lumley, Oswald Peter
Lundy, Harry
Lustig, William Henry "Harry"
Lymburner, Charles Milton "Charlie"
Lynch, Edgar "Ed" James
Lynch, William "Bill" Orvil
Lynett, William L.
Lynette, William
Lyons, Bob
Lyons, Lorne Alfred
Maas, Robert C.
MacArthur, Lloyd
MacArthur, Lorne
MacAuley, A. Cameron
MacCharles, Alexander Sandy
MacCharles, Allan
MacDonald, Archibald "Archie"
MacDonald, Colin Murray
MacDonald, Colin Murray
MacDonald, Donald D.
MacDonald, Douglas (Farmer?)
MacDonald, Douglas (John R)
MacDonald, Elgin
MacDonald, Eugene
MacDonald, Hardy
MacDonald, Hardy
MacDonald, Harry
MacDonald, John A. ("Jack")
MacDonald, John E.
MacDonald, John Murdock
MacDonald, Lindsay
MacDonald, Maurice Eldon "Wick"
MacDonald, Norman Stewart
MacDonald, Rev. Doctor R. Douglas
MacDonald, Roddie
MacDonald, Russell
MacDonald, Stewart
MacDonald, William
MacDougall, Robert Archibald
MacGregor, Bruce MacArthur
MacGregor, John
MacGregor, Ross
MacGuire, Arnold
Machesney, Gerald Rowland
MacInnes, George
MacInnes, John Beaton
MacIntosh, Alex
MacIntosh, C.L
MacIntosh, Cameron L.
MacIntosh, Donald A.
MacIntosh, M.A
MacIntosh, Marshall W.
MacIntosh, Robert
MacIntosh, W.E
MacIntyre, Daphne
MacIntyre, Donald
MacIsaac, Donald
MacKay, Alexander
MacKay, Calvin
Mackay, Elmar
MacKay, George
MacKay, Mac
MacKay, Norman
Macke, Orville M.
MacKee, Carl
MacKenzie, Alex
MacKenzie, Donald Alexander
MacKenzie, Frank Paterson
MacKenzie, Isabel Jean
MacKenzie, John Grant
MacKenzie, John K.
MacKenzie, Kenneth
MacKenzie, Malcolm
MacKenzie, Robert Colin
MacKenzie, Ross
MacKenzie, Tom L.
MacKey, Carl
MacKinnon, Angust P.
MacKinnon, Bruce
MacKinnon, Donald Langel
MacKinnon, Hugh Douglas
MacKinnon, Murray
MacKinnon, Peter Bruce
MacKlem, John Howard
MacLachlan, Donald Graham
MacLay, D.K
MacLay, Kenneth
MacLean, Donald A.
MacLean, John Angus
MacLean, Kenneth
MacLeod, D. Burton
MacLeod, Donald
MacLeod, Duncan D.
MacLeod, Graham
MacLeod, James Evan
MacLeod , Joan
MacLeod, Neil Gordon
MacMasters, Robert Beldon
MacMillan, Phillip D.
MacNaughton, Clarence
MacNeill, Glen
MacNeill, Lloyd
MacPherson, Austin
MacPherson, Gordon
MacPherson, John Austin
MacQuarrie, Jim
MacQuellan, George
MacQuillan, George
MacRitchie, Murdo Murray
MacRobert, Gordon Freeman
MacSween, Creba Alexander
MacSween, Kenneth Reith
MacTavish, James Harold
Maggs, Richard
Magoffin, John Ivan
Mahood, C.E
Mahood, Roy
Mair, Harold W.
MaKenzie, Peter Stuart
Malcolm, Brit
Malcolm, George
Malcolm, Percy
Malcolm, Sandy
Maluske, Harry
Mandeno, Albert F."Pat"
Mandeno, Doris
Manley, Glen Stanley
Mann, A.
Mann, Charles William
Manto, Bruce E.
Manto, Harold Lawrence
Marchello, Steve
Marklevitz, Harry (H.E.)
Marklevitz, Walter
Marrs, Harry
Marsh, Carl Finney
Marsh, Joseph A.
Marshall, Walter J.
Martin, Francis
Martin, Glenn
Martin, Leo T.
Martin, Orville
Martin, Peter C.
Martin, Roscoe Colin (Kelly)
Martindale, Abe
Martindale, Edwin
Martindale, Jarvis
Martyn, David E.
Mason, Donald
Mason, Frederick James
Masterson, Albert Sydney
Masterson, Harold
Masterson, John
Masterson, Lloyd
Masterson, Ronald
Matches, Alvin James
Matches, Kelland
Matheson, Aldon Howard
Matheson, Bruce
Matheson, Donald F.
Matheson, Donald M.
Mathews, Blake Henry
Matthews, Blake
Matthews, George
Matthews, Howard
Matthews, Wilfred Ambrose
Maurer, Gordon
Maxwell, Percy
Maxwell, Stewart
May, Eldred S.
May, Richard
McAllister, John Reid
McAllister, Roy M.
McArthur, Archie
McArthur, Arden Stanley
McArthur, David
McArthur, George "Royal"
McArthur, J.C
McArthur, Kenneth Clayton
McArthur, Murdock Ivor
McArthur, Robert Melvin "Jiggs"
McArthur, Wilbert Howard
McAuley, Cameron
McBride, Gordon
McCallum, Duncan
McCallum, Kathleen
McCannel, Edwin S.
McCartney, Alvin
McCartney, George David
McCaskill, Clarence
McCaslin, Joseph Hammill "Ham"
McCaslin, William Henry
McCauley, Frank J.
McCaw, Lawrence Murray "Mike"
McCharles, Allan
McClay, Gordon
McClelland, Thomas John
McClement, Richard
McClement, Robert
McClement, Stanley
McClenaghan, Doris
McClenaghan, Irwin
McClure, John
McClure, Lawrence Harvey
McCoag, G.A.
McConnell, Leslie
McCool, Brian S.
McCormick, Keith Robert
McCorry, Edward George
McCrabb, Robert Elgin
McCreath, William Patterson
McCreight, Matthew
McCuaig, Allan Hayes
McCulloch, Allan
McCulloch, Donald Charles
McCulloch, Hector
McCulloch, Hugh D.
McCulloch, Joseph
McCulloch, Joseph Burton
McCulloch, Mary S.
McCulloch, Watson
McCullough, Bert
McCullough, Bert H.
McCullough, Donald Charles
McCurdy, Clayton
McCurdy, Mervin
McCurdy, Ross G.
McCutcheon, Gordon
McCutcheon, Harvey
McDermid, Donald
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Barthold
McDonald, Bill
McDonald, D.D
McDonald, Doug
McDonald, Ernie
McDonald, Garnet
McDonald, Hardie
McDonald, Isabel
McDonald, J.C.
McDonald, Maurice E.
McDonald, William
McDonough, William John
McDougald, Harry Broadfoot
McDougall, Malcolm (Mac)
McDougall, William "Bill" George Allan
McDowall, William P.
McDowall, William P.
McEachern, Russell Ernest
McEachnie, Don "Swak"
McEachnie, Roderick (Rod)
McElrae, Vic
McElrea, Herbert Samuel
McElrea, Stuart
McElrea, Theodore Edward
McEwan, Donald
McEwing, John
McFadden, Fern
McFadden, Robert
McFadden, Robert
McFadden, Robert James
McFarlane, Hugh Henry
McFarlane, Walterena
McGarrity, Edward Patrick
McGarrity, John
McGarrity, Tom
McGarvey, David Earl
McGarvey, Thomas Edward "Tommy"
McGaw, Dorne MacQuarrie
McGill, Elmer
McGill, Elroy
McGill, Jack
McGill, Mel
McGill, Robert
McGill, Samuel Clarence
McGillawee, Charlie
McGillawee, Robert A.
McGillivray, Ross
McGillvray, Ernest
McGillvray, George
McGillvray, Gordon
McGilveary, Gordon
McGirr, Doris
McGlynn, Lorne
McGregor, Alexander (Sandy)
McGregor, Rob Roy
McGregor, Ross
McGue, LaFrance
McGuire, Mae
McGuire, Philip F.
McInnes, George
McInnes, Neil
McIntosh, J
McIntosh, Jack
McIntosh, Wilfred Elmer
McIntyre, J. C
McIntyre, J.C.
McIntyre, Jack
McIver, Norman
McKague, Betty
McKague, Hugh
McKague, James McLean
McKague, Ross
McKay, J. Ian
McKeachnie, John
McKee, Norman
McKenna, Phil
McKenzie, Albert (Bert)
McKenzie, Allan
McKenzie, Angus James
McKenzie, Bill
McKenzie, Harold
McKenzie, Jack
McKenzie, Nyle
McKenzie, R.C.
McKillop, Donald Neil
McKillop, Lorne
McKim, T.R.
McKim, William R.
McKinnon, A.M.
McKinnon, Earl
McKinnon, Jarrell (Mac)
McKinnon, John
McKinnon, John A.
McLaggan, Alexander James
McLaggan, Donald
McLaren, Clayton
McLaren, James
McLay, Donald K.
McLay, Donald Kenneth
McLay, Earl
McLay, Gordon
McLay, Jack
McLay, John Milton
McLean, Alex
McLean, Bob
McLean, John Angus
McLean, John Kenneth
McLean, Myrtle Irene
McLean, Robert Neil "Bob"
McLean, Wilda
McLelland, Lloyd
McLennan, Howard Robert
McLennan, Kenneth C.
McLennan, Stewart
McLeod, Alfred Joseph
McLeod, Charles Donald
McLeod, Daisy
McLeod, George
McLeod, Glen
McLeod, Hugh
McLeod, J.H.
McLeod, Jack
McLeod, Jack
McLeod, John "Pickles" Shaw
McLeod, John Edwin
McLeod, John Joseph
McLeod, John Malcolm Sr.
McLeod, Ken
MCLeod, Leonard
McLeod, Leonard Paul
McLeod, Leroy
McLeod, M.J
McLeod, Malcolm John
McLeod, Max
McLeod, Norman
McLeod, Reginald
McMann, Clifford
McMaster, William Watson
McMillan, George
McMillan, Orval Stewart
McMillan, William J.
McMullen, Alec
McMullen, Howard
McMullen, Leslie
McMullen, Morrel
McNabb, Hugh Daniel
McNabb, James
McNall, C.R.
McNall, Ray
McNall, Robert John
McNally, Wellington Andrew
McNaughton, Clarence
McNeel, Burdette
McNeil, Clifton "Fuzz"
McNeil, Fraser
McNeil, Glenn
McNeil, J.C
McNeil, Morris
McNeil, Tom
McNeill, Gordon
McNeill, Lloyd George
McNulty, George
McPherson, Douglas Edward
McPherson, Ian
McQuillan, C.W.
McQuillan, Frank A.
McQuillan, Herb.
McQuillan, R.C.
McQuillan, Sam A.
McQuillin, George Andrew
McQuillin, Herb
McQuire, Gordon Barry
McRorie, Charles
McRorie, Harold Arnel "Jim"
McRorie, Peter Norman
McSporran, Donald
McTavish, Donald
McTavish, John D.
McTavish, William Donald
McTeer, Cecil Clarence
McTeer, Llyod
McVannell, Earl
Meades, Jerry "Gerald"
Melkonian, Haigasar
Mercer, John
Mercer, Robert Lyall
Mercer, Wilfred James
Mercer, William Gordon
Merchant, Stanley L.
Merriam, Chester
Merriam, Harold Henry
Merritt, Charles Raymond
Messecar, George
Meusel, Lloyd
Mewhinney, Alphonse George
Meyer, A.J.R
Meyer, Alphonse ("Alfred")
Meyer, Arthur M.
Meyer, Arthur Martin
Meyer, Clayton L.
Meyer, Harold E.
Meyer, J.W
Meyer, John
Meyer, Joseph F.
Meyer, Leonard C
Meyer, Louis
Meyer, Phillip
Meyer, R.B.J
Meyer, Victor Louis
Meyer, W. B
Meyer, William
Meyers, Charles
Meyers, John
Meyers, Louis
Meyers, Philip
Meyers, William
Middlebro, Arthur S.
Middlebro, William George
Middleton, H.H.
Middleton, Warren
Mielhausen, Olean
Millar, Burton M.
Millar, Rev. George Herbert
Millard, Roy
Millen, Harry
Miller, Betty
Miller, Boyd
Miller, Bruce
Miller, Douglas John
Miller, Earl
Miller, Earl
Miller, Elden
Miller, Eugene H.
Miller, Fred
Miller, Harry
Miller, Harvey
Miller, J. Herbert
Miller, Jean
Miller, Orace
Miller, Rev. Fredrick Alexander
Miller, Samuel "Stewart"
Miller, Walter
Miller, Walter J.
Miller, Walter Laverne
Million, Robert
Mills, George M.
Mills, Harold
Milne, David Grant
Milne, Donald
Milne, Fred Elmer
Milne, James
Milne, Stuart A.
Minard, Aubrey
Mink, Alan
Mink, Lillian
Mitchell, Lloyd
Mitchell, Lorne
Mitchinson, Norman
Moeller, Lorne
Moffat, Colvin
Moffat, Currie
Moffat, David
Moffat, Doug
Moffat, Graham
Moffat, William Douglas
Monahan, Harvy Lioness
Monk, Courtney
Monk, Eldon
Monk, Leonard
Montford, Colin
Montgomery, Robert James
Mooney, Alfred
Mooney, Cecil
Moore, Charles
Moore, David
Moore, Donna Hope
Moore, Douglas
Moore, Eddie
Moore, Frederick Douglas
Moore, Harry Wilburt
Moore, J.K.
Moore, James Russell
Moore, Lloyd Gladwin
Moore, Samuel James
Moore, Stanley
Moore, Tex
Moos, Ernest F.
Moran, Joseph M.
Moran, Ted
Morden, Harold
Morden, John
Morden, Reg.
Morgan, Joseph L.
Morris, Charles Henry "Chuck"
Morris, Gladys H.
Morrison, Irvine Ray
Morrison, James A.
Morrison, Melvin Clarence
Morrison, Stokes Melville
Morrison, Tom
Morrow, Earl
Morrow, Earl Grange
Morrow, Harvey
Morrow, James
Morrow, James William
Morton, Clarence
Morton, Earl
Morton, Joseph Francis
Moses, Frederick John
Mothersell, Kelly G.
Moulton, Earl Gardner
Mowat, Alexander MacKenzie
Mowbray, Alexander McKenzie
Mowbray, Angus
Moyer, Dorothy
Muir, Earl
Muir, Jack
Muir, James Stewart
Muir, John Francis (Jack)
Muir, Roy
Mullen, Wilbert J.
Mullin, Arthur
Mullin, John
Munn, Gordon
Munn, John D.
Munn, Lionel
Munn, Murray
Munro, Donald Bruce
Munro, J.
Munro, John Jamieson
Munro, Kenneth T.
Murdock, Ernest J.
Murdock, Robert
Murphy, Douglas S.
Murphy, Ewart
Murphy, Harry
Murphy, James (Jim)
Murray, Ted
Murray, William Donald
Musgrove, John J.
Mutrie, Cameron
Myers, William John
Myles, Clifford
Myles, Fred
Myles, Sam
Myles, William
Nadjiwan, Bernard
Nadjiwan, Charles
Nadjiwan, Clarity
Nadjiwan, Clifford
Nadjiwan, Francis
Nadjiwan, Leonard
Nadjiwan, Raymond
Nadjiwan, Sam
Nadjiwan, Vera
Nadjiwon, Wilmer
Nagonnash, Clarence
Nahgang, Llyod
Napper, Herbert Wallace "Wally"
Nawash, Stafford David
Neal, Ethel
Neal, Victor
Neale, Ethel P.
Neale, Victor
Neath, John Frederick Earl
Needham, Albert
Needham, John A. "Jack"
Neelson, Alan
Neelson, Erwin
Neil, Orval N.
Neil Angus, Duck
Nelson, Alex
Nelson, Earl
Nelson, Erwin
Nelson, Howard
Nelson, James T.
Nelson, Keith Howard
Nelson, Lyle David
Nelson, Robert
Nelson, Willard
Nestman, Joseph J.
Nettleton, Richard Smith "Dick"
Newman, Fred
Neyvatte, Cyril Edward
Nicholson, Bruce
Nickason, Bob
Nickason, Elmer James
Nickless, Leo
Nicoll, Arthur
Nicoll, George William
Nicoll, Nelson
Nielsen, Kenneth K.
Nightingale, Clarence
Nixon, Jack
Noble, Ernest Ivan Albern
Noble, Jack
Noll, Oscar
Norman, Ronald Robert
Norman, Walter Alvin
Norris, Ross Cory
Northcott, John Henry "Jack"
Northcott, Lyle
Nugent, Harry C.
Nuhn, Mae, Elizabeth (Aitken)
Nuttal, Orland
Nuttall, Howard
Nuttall, Orland
O'Brien, John Joseph
O'Brien, John Thomas Patrick
O'Brien, Wilfred Patrick
O'Bright, Vernon P.
O'Hagan, Midford Nicholas
O'Hagan, Patrick
O'Hagan, Thomas
O'Mara, Jack
O'Neil, George
O'Reilly, Andrew
O'Reilly, Frank
O'Reilly, Patrick
O'Reilly, Sarto
O'Reilly, Tom
Oakes, Cyril
Obermeyer, L
Obermeyer, Lawrence
Obermeyer, Mark
Obermeyer, Mark
Obermeyer, R
Obermeyer, Rudolph
Obermeyer, V
Obermeyer, Victor
Oliver, Llyod
Olmsted, Cecil A. H.
Opermeyer, Victor
Orr, Melvin
Orr, Richard Herbert
Orr, Robert
Osborne, Cecil Robert
Ostranger, Reginald
Oswald, George
Oswald, Robert
Ottewell, Harold Roy
Ottewell, Walter Elliott
O`Brien, J.
O`Bright, Harry
O`Hagan, Bernard
O`Hagan, Maurice
O`Hagan, Medford
O`Hagan, Patrick
O`Hagan, Thomas
O`Mara, Bruce
O`Neil, George
O`Reilly, Del
Pace, George
Pace, William Melville
Pacey, Tom
Page, Joan
Page, Orville Stephen
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Edward Bruce
Palmer, James
Palmer, John Earl
Palmer, Melville
Paquette, Donald Leo
Parker, Bernard
Parker, Gordon Charles
Parker, Harold
Parker, Jack
Parker, Owen
Parker, Rupert
Parkinson, Gordon Charles
Parkinson, Harold
Parr, James "Jim"
Parsons, Frank John
Parsons, Fredrick John
Passmore, Melvin
Patchell, Orland Doyle
Paterson, George
Paterson, Hunter
Paterson, James ("Jim") Allan
Paterson, Ross A.
Paton, Harvey John
Paton, Raymond David "Ray"
Pattchell, Orland
Patterson, Arthur
Patterson, Cecil
Patterson, Fred
Patterson, Gordon Leslie
Patterson, Harold
Patterson, James
Patterson, Murray
Patterson, Newman
Patterson, Raymond A.
Patterson, Sidney
Patterson, Stanley
Patterson, Ted
Patterson, Walter
Patterson, William
Pauley, Reginald Herman
Payie, William (Bill)
Pearson, Fred G.
Pedoniquott, Adam
Pedoniquott, Charles
Pedoniquott, Isadore
Pedoniquott, Robert
Pedoniquott, Wellington
Pedwell, Douglas Milton Duke
Pedwell, Jack (John) Aldon
Pedwell, Ruth
Peifer, Robert
Pentelow, Donald Thomas
Pentesco, William Joseph "Bill"
Pentney, Robert George
Pepper, Garland Rae
Pepper, Gordon Frank
Pepper, William "Bill"
Pepperal, George
Periard, Aime'
Peterson, George
Peterson, Jack F.
Peterson, Thomas
Petrie, Allan
Petrie, George D
Petter, Edward
Petter, Leslie
Petter, W.J (Wally)
Petter, Walter
Pettigrew, William
Pettis, Kenneth F.
Pettit, James
Pettit, William B.
Petty, Florence
Petty, James
Pfhol, Elmer
Pfohl, Florence Caroline
Pfohl, Ivan
Phair, Roland
Phillips, Archie
Phillips, Jasper Clifton (Babe)
Philp, Donald Riddle
Philp, Keith
Philp, Robert Gardhum
Pickard, William Charles
Pierson, Gerold Boyce
Pinch, Greta (Hope)
Pinkerton, Elwood
Pinkerton, Everett
Pinkerton, John Lloyd
Pinkerton, Ronald
Pinkey, Bruce
Pinnell, Glen
Pinnell, Wray
Piper, Harvey
Pitt, Leslie
Plakholm, Ernest J.
Plant, Harvey L.
Plant, John
Plante, James
Plasket, Gordon
Plasket, Mervyn
Plaskett, Mervyn S.
Plaunte, Douglas
Playford, Bert
Playford, Norman
Playnt, Ann
Plowright, Alf
Poechman, Alfred
Poge, Norval Edward
Poge, Ronald Roy
Polfuss, O.H
Pollock, Arthur John
Pollock, Carmen
Pollock, Clarence
Pollock, Darwin Ray
Pollock, Dawson
Pollock, Gurney
Pollock, Harvey
Pollock, Howard
Pollock, Lorne John
Pollock, Melville
Pollock, Murray
Pollock, Norval Edward
Porter, Alvin
Porter, David Earl
Porter, Glen
Pound, Gordon Arthur
Powell, George
Powell, Gordon Arthur
Powell, Sidney
Powers, Richard
Poynter, William Henry
Prescott, Archie
Prescott, Laverne
Prest, Harry
Prest, William Henry
Preston, John M.
Priebe, Harold E.
Priebe, Norman
Primmer, Ken Albert
Pringle, Robert "Bob" Duncan
Pritchard, Grant F. "Bud"
Procknow, Ray
Proctor, Grant F.
Prosser, Elmer Reginald
Proud, Harvey Alvin
Proud, Russell Fawcett
Proulx, James Jr.
Proulx, Malcolm
Proulx, Steve
Proulx, William
Pruder, Clarence
Pruder, Wilfred Samuel John
Pufahl, Fred L.
Pupich, Charles
Purdon, Athol
Purdon, Hector
Purves, Harold
Purvis, James
Pyke, Bertram Isaac (BJ)
Pyke, John Warren
Pym, John Warren "Jack"
Pym, Norman
Pyne, Donald Morrison
Quallack, Norman
Quinn, Lloyd Andrew
Quinn, Muriel Isabelle
Rabovskie, Moses
Racher, Norman
Rackley, Alfred (Alf)
Radbourne, Allan
Rainey, Malcolm Coughlan
Ramsay, Andrew Justin
Ramsay, Edward Eliza
Ramsay , Kenneth Earl
Rankin, Lloyd Gerald
Ranney, Bernard John "Jack"
Rannie, Robert
Ransbury, John W.
Ransome, Ted
Raper, Gerald A.
Rathburn, Donald Wilmot
Rathwell, Bernard John "Jack"
Rathwell, George
Rathwell, J
Rathwell, J
Rathwell, John
Rawn, Floyd Harold
Rawson, Glen
Read, William J.
Reckin, William David Earl
Redding, Clifford
Reddon, Garfield
Reddon, Roy W.
Redford, Richard William "Dick"
Redmond, Alvin
Redmond, Gordon
Redmond, Joseph J.
Redmond, Mervin H.
Reed, Howard
Reed, Norman Lloyd
Reed, William
Reed, William Walker
Rees, Dr. Alfred William
Regier, Jerome J.
Reichenbach, Alexander George
Reid, Earl William
Reid, George
Reid, Gordon
Reid, James
Reid, John
Reid, John A.
Reid, John E.
Reid, Leonard Russell
Reid, Norman Andrew
Reid, William T.
Reihl, Kenneth
Remington, James Samuel
Rennie, James
Renolds, Frank
Renshaw, Levi
Renwick, Frank Edward
Renwick, Gladys
Renwick, Roy
Rev. Monk, Victor J.
Reynolds, John Arthur
Reynolds, Sheldon Edwin
Ribbel, Sheldon Edwin
Richards, Owen
Richards, R.G.
Richards, Raymond
Richards, Raymond
Richards, Ruby
Richardson, Allen
Richardson, Edward
Richardson, Elewyn
Richardson, Elwyn Lewis
Richardson, Howard
Richardson, Melvin
Richardson, Sydney "SID" G.
Riebel, Douglas
Riebel, Grant
Riebel, William Eugene
Ries, Reginald Robert
Riggin, Henry
Riley, Henry
Riley, Joyce
Riley, Robert
Riley, William E.
Ritchie, F.K
Ritchie, H. A.
Ritchie, Harry
Roane, Murray A.
Roberts, Ivan M.
Robertson, Harry Malcolm
Robertson, Helen
Robertson, John Carlyle
Robertson, John R.
Robertson, Norman Roy
Robertson, Patricia
Robertson, Ross
Robertson, Stewart Douglas
Robins, Ivan Stewart
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Delmar
Robinson, Edward Verdun "Bud"
Robinson, George
Robinson, James
Robinson, Joan
Robinson, Joan
Robinson, Joan
Robinson, Kelly
Robinson, Mabel I.
Robinson, Russell
Robinson, Shirley M.
Robson, Edward Verdun (Bud)
Rodgers, Walter "Watt"
Rodhaupt, Albert
Rodhaupt, Harold
Root, Daniel
Root, Edward Cosford
Root, Uriel
Rose, Stuart
Roseborough, Roy
Rosewell, Roy
Ross, Don J
Ross, Donald
Ross, Elmor Erb
Ross, Fred
Ross, Harry
Ross, James Adam David
Ross, Kenneth
Ross, Norman
Ross, Norman
Ross, Robert J.
Ross, Ronald
Ross, Shaw
Ross, Wilfred
Ross, William
Ross, William
Roulston, Cliff
Roulston, Murray
Rourke, Calirn
Rourke, Clyde Burton
Rourke, Harold Kenneth
Rourke, Lloyd G.
Rouse, Gordon Lloyd
Rouse, John T.
Rouse, Stanley Royal
Roussie, Carl
Routledge, Robert
Rowand, Irene
Rowe, A
Rowe, Allan
Rowe, Austin
Rowe, Dr. John
Rowe, Earl Stevens
Rowe, Kenneth "Blackie"
Rowe, Kenneth M.
Rowe, Maurice Medcalf
Royce, Earl S.
Ruff, John P.
Ruff, Percy Herbert
Rumig, Albert
Rumig, Elmer
Rushston, Dean
Rushton, Dean
Rusk, Richard
Russel, Harvey
Russell, Carmen E. "Carm"
Russell, Gordon
Russell, Thomas C.
Ruth, Ernest
Ruth, George
Ruth, Harry
Ruth, Joseph
Rutherford, Cecil
Rutherford, Harland
Rutherford, Jarvis
Rutherford, Lester
Ryan, Frank
Ryan, Philip
Ryder, Gordon
Sacerty, Jack
Sacerty, Jesse Lincoln
Sacerty, Raymond
Sachs, Ed
Salmon, Morley
Salmon, William "Willie" David
Samells, Gordon
Sampson, Doreen
Sanderson, Arthur T.
Sanderson, K. Hardie
Sanderson, Robert M.
Sanford, John A. "Jack"
Sanson, J.
Saunders, Earl G.
Saunders, Gordon Lewis
Savory, William
Savory, William H.
Sawyer, John
Scanlan, Bill
Scarrow, Glen
Scarrow, Glynn Arthur
Scarrow, Robert Harry
Schabb, Alvin
Schabb, Esther
Schaefer, Ruby Katherin
Schaefer, Wilfred
Schamber, Edgar Christian
Schambers, Howard
Scharbach, Lawrence
Scharback, Wilfred
Schaub, Howard
Schedler, William
Schefter, Edwin
Schefter, George
Schefter, John
Scheifele, Clarence Herbert
Schell, Allister
Schell, Garnet
Schell, Garnet
Schenk, Douglas
Schiestel, Clarence
Schildroth, Clarence
Schildroth, George
Schill, Alf.
Schill, Alphonse
Schill, Andrew L.
Schill, Bill
Schill, Joe
Schill, Jos D.
Schill, W.J
Schill, Walter J.
Schill, William H.
Schilling, Leslie A.
Schmalz, Charles A.
Schmalz, Harold G.
Schmidt, Andrew Leander
Schmidt, Harold C.
Schmidt, Jack
Schmidt, John
Schmidt, Leonard F.
Schmidt, Llyod
Schmidt, Milton Frederick
Schmidt, Sylvia
Schmidt, William P.
Schneider, Don
Schneider, Eldon
Schneider, H.A
Schneider, Jack
Schneider, John Henry
Schneider, Wilfred
Schneider, William
Schneider, William
Schnurr, Jack F.
Schnurr, Mel.
Schnurr, R.L.
Schonstrom, Anthony B.
Schuknecht, Lorne
Schultz, Harry
Schultz, Norman
Schumacher, Ed.
Schumacher, Edward P.
Schumacher, Joe
Schumacher, Melvin
Schurter, Raymond
Schurter, Walter
Schurter, Wilfrid
Schwalm, Russell
Schwartz, Edgar
Schwartz, Melvin H.
Schwartz, Raymond J.
Scott, David
Scott, Doris Helen
Scott, Edmund Fitton
Scott, Gomer
Scott, Gordon
Scott, Harold S.
Scott, Irwin
Scott, James
Scott, Phyllis
Scott, Russell
Scott, Velma
Scott, Wesley
Seabrook, Harold Stanley
Searle, Alfred A.
Sees, Vivian Winnifred
Seidle, Edwin A.
Seiffert, L.
Seip, Orville
Sellery, Thomas William
Semple, R.B
Sensabaugh, Tom
Sexton, Elmer F.
Seymour, George
Shanks, Kathleen "Kaye"
Shaw, Allan
Shaw, Clifford "Cliff"
Shaw, Earl W.
Shaw, James R.
Shaw, Percy
Shaw, Robert A.
Shawanageshig, Joseph
Sheils, Clayton
Shelton, Leslie
Shelton, Murray
Shepherd (Remy), Dorothy
Sheppard, Edna Dorothy
Shewfelt, Gordon Archibald (Dempsey)
Shilling, Henry
Shine, Graham Milton
Shouldice, Graham Milton
Shouldice, Herm
Shrider, Basil Edward
Shrider, Louis
Shular, Glen
Shular, Lyle Herbert S.
Silk, David
Sillick, Ervin
Sillick, Llyod
Siminowski, Donald Cameron
Simms, Betty
Simpkins, John
Simpson, Arthur
Simpson, Hugh
Simpson, Ralph
Simpson, William Robert
Sinclair, Albert James Joseph
Sinclair, William Bentley
Skeates, Mable
Skeates, Patrick James Vincent
Skene, Stewart
Sky, Allen
Slack, Harry
Slater, Russell Thomas "Rusty"
Slocum, Herman Clifford
Slumski, Murray
Slumskie, Earl
Slumskie, Gordon
Slumskie, Murray
Slumskie, Randall
Slumskie, Rendall (Ren) Emerson
Slumskie, Roy
Slumskie, William Douglas
Smart, Sam Sr.
Smith, Adam
Smith, Alex
Smith, Alvin
Smith, Beatrice
Smith, Beatrice C.
Smith, Bert C
Smith, Bruce
Smith, Cecil
Smith, Chester
Smith, Clarence
Smith, Dell
Smith, Donald A.
Smith, Earl
Smith, Elliott
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Fred
Smith, Frederick H.
Smith, H.G
Smith, H.R.F
Smith, Harold
Smith, Hubert
Smith, J. E.
Smith, John
Smith, John Leonard
Smith, Kenneth S.
Smith, Lillian
Smith, Lloyd
Smith, Maurice C.
Smith, N.G
Smith, Reginald
Smith, Ross
Smith, Wallace
Smith, William Gordon Bain
Sockett, George
Sockett, Oron
Solomon, Ainsley
Solomon, Bernard
Solomon, Bill
Solomon, David
Solomon, E.A.
Solomon, Harvey
Solomon, James
Solomon, Louis
Solomon, Matthew
Solomon, Vera
Solomon, William
Sparling, Harold
Spears, John A.
Spears, Percy
Spears, William Alexander
Specht, Raymond
Speer, Fred
Speer, Walter
Speilmacher, Albert
Speirs, Alex
Spencer, Elwyn L.
Spitzig, Herbert H.
Sprung, Frances Willard
Sprung, W. Jim
Stahls, Daniel
Staight, Percy A.
Stangler, Edward
Stanley, Charles Nelson
Stanley, Russell
Stansel, Allan
Stansel, Ross
Stanton, Dereck James
Stark, James W. "Curly"
Stark, Lawrence
Steeds, William Norman
Steele, Bruce
Steele, Mac
Steer, William
Steffler, Alphonse
Steffler, Elmer D.
Steffler, James Harold
Steffler, Matthew A.
Steinhoff, Bert
Steinhoff, Ernie
Steip, Sam
Steip, Stanley
Stepen, Ernie
Stephen, William
Stephens, Alexander
Stephens, James Bruce
Stevens, John Wilson "Jack"
Stevenson, George
Stevenson, George "Duke"
Stevenson, Harvey William
Stevenson, Oscar
Steward, Carl
Steward, Fred
Steward, Gordon
Steward, Harold
Steward (Stewart), Roderick
Stewart, Bruce
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, Gordon
Stewart, H.
Stewart, Harold
Stewart, Harold
Stewart, Hugh
Stewart, J.E
Stewart, Jack A.
Stewart, John
Stewart, Steven J.
Stieffer, Rodney
Stimson, D.A.
Stimson, Don
Stimson, William J
Stoakley, Arnold
Stockall, James Douglas
Stockdale, Oscar
Stoddart, Alvin
Stoddart, Clarence John
Stoddart, James Douglas
Stoddart, Lorne
Stoddart, Stewart
Stokley, I (McDonald)
Stout, John ("Jack")
Strader, Edgar
Strader, Eugene
Strader, Howard
Strader, Jerome
Strappe, John
Strappe, Roy
Strappe, Willa
Strark, Wallace
Strauss, Jerome
Strauss, Leander I.
Strauss, Ralph
Strauss, Ralph
Streeter, Arlene
Streeter, George
Streeter, Les (Robert Leslie)
Strobbs, Gordon R.
Strong, Earl
Strong, Harvey
Strong, James William
Stroud, Art
Stroud, Llyod
Stroud, William
Sturgeon, John Reginald (Jack)
Subject, B.J.
Subject, Walter
Sulkye, Leonard
Surridge, James E.
Sussman, Benjamin Sidney
Sutcliffe, Thomas
Sutherland, Colin G.
Sutherland, Gordon
Swan, D.G.
Swartz, Hugh Emerson
Swartz, Kenneth
Swass, Stanley
Sweiger, Grant
Swift, James William Bradley
Swinghammer, Louis
Switzer, Dorothy
Tackaberry, Elwood
Taman, Cameron "Cam" L.
Taman, Clifford Alfred
Tamblyn, Hugh Norman
Tanner, Gordon Henry
Tanner, Wilfred
Tarvis, Irving
Tarvis, Murray
Tarvis, Murray
Taylor, A.E.
Taylor, Alex
Taylor, Casimir
Taylor, Enoch
Taylor, G.E.
Taylor, George Kenneth
Taylor, Harry
Taylor, Ignatius
Taylor, Leslie W.
Taylor, Lewis
Taylor, Melville
Taylor, N.B.
Taylor, Norman Bruce
Taylor, Norman William
Taylor, Roy
Taylor, Tilly I
Taylor, W.E
Teasdale, Elsie
Temple, Stanley
Tennant, Harold George "Kitch"
Tennyson, Calvin J
Teschke, Carl
Teschke, Harry
Thacker, Ronald
Thaler, John
Thaler, John David
Thede, Dean
Thede, Edgar
Thede, Irwin
Thibaudeau, John B.
Thom, John
Thom, John M.
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Samuel Kingston
Thompson, A.G.
Thompson, Adam Robert
Thompson, H.D.
Thompson, Ivan G.
Thompson, Jack G.
Thompson, James W.B.
Thompson, John Leon
Thompson, Leonard
Thompson, Lloyd
Thompson, Mac
Thompson, Nathaniel
Thompson, Robert John
Thompson, Roy
Thompson, Samuel Leslie
Thompson-Hirst, Daphne I.
Thoms, Carl
Thomson, Archie
Thomson, James W.B.
Thomson, Joe
Thomson, John
Thomson, John Ellwood "Jock"
Thomson, Samuel Leslie
Thornley, Alexander Wilfred "Pat"
Threndyle, Hugh
Threndyle, Wallace L. Wally
Tidy, William Kenneth
Tilker, Clarence Alvin
Tilley, Stewart William
Tilt, James Patrick
Timmins, Harold Alfred
Tindale, Dr. Jack B.
Tindale, Paul
Tindall, Lloyd
Tobey, Wallace
Tobey, Wesley
Todd, Arthur Bob
Todd, Robert Allen
Todtz, Norman C.
Todtz, Peter
Tolton, Ernie
Tomah, James B.
Tomlinson, Mansell Matthew
Tomlinson, Mathew George
Tomlinson, William R.
Tranter, Lionel Beatty
Travis, Nelson
Travis, Nelson
Trelford, Wesley
Tremp, William
Trout, Robert Burn
Tschirhart, Harry
Tucker, Harry Vincent
Turland, Arthur
Twining, Larry F.
Tyndall, Aldon
Tyndall, Bert
Tyndall, Earl
Tyndall, Guy Christian
Tyndall, Robert Burton
Tyndall, Tom
Tyndall, Wilbert
Uhrig, John A. "Jack"
Underwood, Clarence
Urbshott, Frederick John
Urbshott, Isadore
Urbshott, Kenneth Elgin
Valad, Gordon E
Valad, Thomas
Vallie, Roy
Van Horne, Dorothy
Vancise, Alan
Vandervoort, Peter
Vandervroot, Gerald
Vansickle, J.B
Vanwick, Donald
Vary, Frederick Leroy
Vaupel, Frederick Leroy
Vaupel, Raymond Ernest
Vernon, Johnson A.
Vogan, Henry J.
Vogan, Ross R
Voisin, Wilfred J.
Voision, L.
Voision, Wilfred
Voison, Lawrence
Voison, Nick
Voison, Wilfred
Vokes, Ross
Vollick, George John
VonHatten , Clayton R.
Vrana, Steve
Wabb, Robert
Wade, Willard
Waechter, Percy A.
Waecther, Francis
Waecther, Frank
Waecther, Harold
Waecther, Percy
Wagner, Andrew
Wagner, Christopher J.
Wagner, Gerald
Wagner, Joseph V.
Wagner, Melville "Ross"
Wain, Frank Leslie
Wain, George
Wain, J.A
Wain, J.A
Wakeford, Eric
Wakeford, George
Walden, Carl
Walden, Leroy
Waldron, Wilbur Lloyd
Walker, Albert L.
Walker, Alex
Walker, Alfred R.
Walker, Andrew
Walker, Carl
Walker, George E.
Walker, Gordon
Walker, Hector L.
Walker, J
Walker, John
Walker, Mansell
Walker, Robert Earl
Walker, Sydney Brooks
Walker, Truman
Walker, Ward
Walker, William F.
Walker, William Thomas
Wall, Allan
Wallace, Bruce
Wallace, Gordon W.
Wallace, Waldron Watson
Walls, Walter
Walls, William
Walpole, Peter
Walpole, Peter Reid
Walpole, William G.
Walters, John
Ward, Charles A.
Ward, John Melville
Ward, Ralph
Warden, Melbourn "Cliff" Clifford
Warder, Mailand
Wardrop, Charles
Wardrop, Clarence
Wark, Clarence Leonard
Wark, Robert Milton
Warmington, Floyd
Warmington, John M.
Warnock, Laverne
Warnock, William
Warrilow, Percy E.
Waterman, Alan
Watson, Elmer Lorne
Watson, Gordon
Watson, Jack Douglas
Watson, John Henry
Watson, John Robert
Watson , Percy Edward
Watson, Russell
Watt, Clifford
Waukey, Alvin
Waukey, Willis
Weatherdon, Frances Roy
Weathersby, Sid
Weaver, Earl Edward
Weaver, Eugene G.
Weaver, Lloyd
Webb, L.R
Webb, L.R
Webb, Lawrence
Webb, Stewart
Webb, W.L
Webb, Walter
Webb, Walter Ernest
Webb, Willard
Webber, Albert Ivan
Webber, Allen Syrl
Webber, C.J.
Webber, Hugh
Webber, Joseph
Webber, William Spencer
Weber, C.J.
Weber, Gerald J.
Weber, J
Weber, James
Weber, Joe
Weber, Lawrence G.
Weber, Lorne
Weber, Melville Murray
Weber, Norman C.
Webster, Elliott
Webster, F.E.
Webster, George
Webster, James A.
Webster, Jim
Webster, Mac.
Webster, Richard P.
Webster, Robert James
Webster, Robert James
Webster, Thomas Murray
Wedow, Clarence
Wedow, Irwin
Weeden, Gordon Hubert
Weeden, Keith
Weichman, Harry
Weiler, Clarence G.
Weiler, Florian E.
Weiler, George R.
Weiler, Harvey
Weiler, John 'Jack'
Weiler, Philip J.
Weir, John Wallace
Weir, Ralph E.
Weirmeir, Ross
Weirmier, Clarence Llincoln-Welland
Weirmier, Ross
Weishar, James
Weishar, Lloyd
Weisher, Lloyd
Weiss, Harvey
Weiss, John
Weiss, Joseph
Weiss, Mike
Weiss, Wilfred
Welch, Harry William
Weller, Austin J.
Weller, William
Wells, Alex
Welsh, Gordon
Welsh, Keith
Welsh, Keith Alexander
Welsh, Margory
Welsh, Tommy
Welwood, Jean
Welwood, Norman
Wendorf, C. Barney
Wendt, Jack C.
Wendt, Thorold S. "Tod"
Wentworth, Ralph Skilton
Wenzel, Wilford Charles "Wimpy"
Weppler, A.W.
West, Edward Earnest
Westfield, John Russel "Chief"
Wettlaufer, Jack
Wettlaufer, Ward
Whicher, Ross
Whitby, E.H. Ted
Whitby, George
Whitby, George Richard
Whitby, Jean "Sandy"
Whitby, Russell "Buster"
Whitby, Sidney
White, Colin Ross
White, Isobel
White, John
White, Kenneth Wallace
Whitehead, Gordon
Whitehead, Harold
Wicke, C.J
Wilcox, Ben
Wiley, John
Wilhelm, Edward
Wilhelm, Jerome
Wilhelm, Phyllis
Wilhelm, Wilma
Wilkinson, Bill
Willams, Llewellyn
Willi, Victor
William Raymond, Duck
Williams, Christopher A. Johnston
Williams, Tim
Williamson, Clayton
Williamson, Frank
Williamson, Garnet
Willoughby, Clark R.
Wiloughby, Clark
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, George William
Wilson, Gerald Martin
Wilson, Gordon
Wilson, Harvey
Wilson, Howard C.
Wilson, James K.
Wilson, John M. "Jack"
Wilson, Leslie
Wilson, Richie H.
Wilson, Rose
Wilson, Thomas Ferguson
Winch, Alvin L.
Winch, Beverly Clifford
Winch, Floyd
Winch, Stewart
Winch, Wilmer James
Winkler, Charles
Winkler, Eric
Winkler, Herbert
Winskill, David
Winskill, Murdock
Winskill, William "Bill" Wesley
Winters, Charles Hugh
Winters, Harold
Wittman, Elmer
Wittman, Harold
Witzke, Herbert
Wood, Edgar
Wood, Gordon C.
Wood, W.E.
Wood (Woods), Lloyd
Woodcock, Raymond H.
Woods, Charles H.
Woods, Clifford
Woods, Ed
Woods, Gordon W.
Woods, Henry Edward
Woods, James Alfred
Woods, Kenneth
Woods, Wallace
Woods, William W.
Wraith, George
Wraith, James
Wright, Barrick
Wright, Donald Albert
Wright, Fred
Wrightson, Lawrence
Wrightson, Orville Francis
Writt, Joseph
Wyatt, William E.
Wylds, Clifford
Wylds, Harold
Wylds, Lloyd
Wylds, Warren
Wynoch, James Colin
Wynoch, Milton
Wyonch, Daniel
Wyonch, Harold W. "Skinny"
Wyonch, Hugh Arthur
Wyonch, John
Wyonch, Milton Emmerson
Wyonch, Myrtle Ellen
Yaeck, Lawrence J.
Yahbee, Jack
Yates, Eldon H.
Yates, Glen
Yates, Paul
Yates, Robert
Yates, Thomas "Tom"
Yates, Vernon
Yeman, Jean M.
Yeman, Matthew
Yeo, Milton
Yeoman, Algernon
Yeoman, John
Yeoman, Robert
Young, Harry
Young, Herman Edward
Young, Leonard Noah
Young, Samuel Leslie ("Les")
Yuers, Albert
Zettler, Alex
Ziegler, Arnot
Ziegler, Eric
Zimmer, Dave A.
Zizter, William Louis